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>Sorry Annabel Karmel I’m boycotting you

I am not sure that a boycott by the Muddling household will have an impact on the self styled Queen of baby and child food but her recent link up with Nestlé means she’s on my black list.

Ms Karmel has issued a statement that she believes Nestlé are abiding by the rules in the UK.

Nestlé may comply with the rules on marketing formula milk in the UK but Baby Milk
Action (http://www.babymilkaction.org/) can point you in the direction of a large number of countries where they do not comply with the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. In fact International Baby Food Action Network finds it to be responsible for more breaches of this Code than any other company.

I was invited to join her recent event to mark the launch of the products coming out of this new range but I had to decline. I can’t be selective about which Nestlé products we boycott because they are all bringing profits to a firm which seems to view itself as above these important rules and those profits in part pay for their global marketing strategy.

As UNICEF says “marketing practices that undermine breastfeeding are potentially hazardous wherever they are pursued…WHO estimates that some 1.5 million children die each year because they are not adequately breastfed.”

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13 comments to >Sorry Annabel Karmel I’m boycotting you

  • The Dotterel

    >Well done!

  • Modern Dilemma

    >Good for you. I (hangs head in shame) didn't realise this was still such a problem. Am off to read up. Thanks for drawing attention to this.

    MD x

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Good for you. I didn't know that Ms. Karmel had connections to them. Nestle's actions have been deplored since the late 1980s, she cannot say that she wasn't aware of them.

  • Jen

    >I was never a fan of Annabel Karmel, I just can't take someone seriously when their name sounds like a toffee apple! I am surprised that she is associating herself with Nestle, she may well find she has to back away from that one, quite quickly! Jen.

  • MissK

    >I'm jumping on this one too- need to do some more homework. Well Done!

  • rosiescribble

    >Well said. My brother boycotted anything/anyone Nestle-related about eight years ago. He used to work for Oxfam. Says it all really.

  • mummy limited

    >Doesn't surprise me that she's joined up with Nestle, but bet she'll be keeping it a bit quiet soon.
    Heard an interview with her where she was arguing against Baby-Led Weaning. She was being a real scare-mongerer but then I guess if it catches on she will sell less books/ice-cube trays etc etc.
    OK rant over

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I have to admit to having got a bit lax about my Nestle boycott but have recently had my eyes reopened as I've got more involved in the breastfeeding support work

    I can't believe that Ms Karmel has really thought this one through or perhaps she just thinks her target audience don't really care anymore ?

    Will be an interesting one to watch

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily O

    >Never been a big fan of Annabel Karmel, her recipes for 'fussy eaters' don't work with my fussy eaters. Many of her recipes are time consuming and her products are overpriced. And Nestle are also buying palm oil from a company destroying rainforest in Indonesia and threatening the Orang Utan even further. Good for you!

  • Laura

    >Well done for sticking to your principles!

  • Our household and the Nestle boycott » Simply Hayley

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