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>Mothering Sunday – what a difference a year makes

Last Mothering Sunday was remarkable because I spent my first ever night in hospital, hooked up to a drip being rehydrated after my hyperemesis got out of hand. And in all the excitement I didn’t even get a card. Which was understandable but given I was I’m hospital because of a pregnancy I thought a touch unfair.

This year I had a lovely breakfast made by Mr and Toddlergirl and was given a couple of cards. Only trouble was I’d picked up Toddlergirl’s tummy bug so despite my best efforts spent the day in bed feeling properly poorly.

But despite all that I got to enjoy my two girls and even the horrid experience last year fades away when confronted by the reality of two healthy, vibrant small people.

Oh and the pleasure that comes from seeing your other half look after both and be run ragged by the end of the day – I think he understands how hard two can be now!

P.S. The photo is of them holding hands which they started doing over the weekend

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10 comments to >Mothering Sunday – what a difference a year makes

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >swoon-worthy picture 😉

    Glad your day was an improvement. Who knows what next Mother's Day could bring!!

  • TheMadHouse

    >Oh how I adore the holding hands. I too suffered with HE a nd know how terrible it can be. I got a card that year I was in hospital with a bump!

  • auntiegwen

    >Awwh the nice, that's so sweet. I love the fact that my kids still like each other, my eldest posted a photo of her and her brother hugging on facebook the other day.

    I hope you enjoy lots and lots of great Mothers day's xxx

  • Manicmum

    >At least you got to lie down, MAM. Maybe you should make every mother's day a staying-in-bed day, but hopefully next year not for medical reasons.


  • Jen

    >Sorry to hear you were feeling unwell yesterday, despite it being a huge improvement on last year!! The Dads get a bit of a shock when they have sole responsibility for children for the day, does them good:) Jen.

  • family Affairs

    >POOR YOU Lxx

  • make do mum

    >I think you should have Mother's Day in lieu when you're feeling better! The holding hands thing is really sweet.

  • Modern Dilemma

    >What a cute photo! Sympathies for the hyperemesis, I had it too with Little One and had a few rehydration trips to hospital & lots of horrid drugs for the 9 months. I think its a sign of how hard that level of sickness is that a year later you can recall it and still be thankful its over!

    Hope you feeling better from the tummybug. You'll have to have a May Mother's Day instead like the American Mummies!

    MD xx

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thanks all – feeling much better this evening, in fact back to normal, here's hoping the smalls are both recovered !

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >Thank you so much for your last comments on my blog, hugs so appreciated – you are a star xx

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