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>In the midst of a circle of support


Yesterday really brought home to me how blessed I am – I have a wonderful circle of friends who care about me and who are there understanding what I am going through.

I can’t but contrast with my return from maternity last time around when my biggest feeling was one of isolation – of not having anyone to talk to about my worries, my concerns, my hopes.

This time, in many ways thanks to the support I had during the journey though my difficult pregnancy from my virtual friends, I have become stronger and more able to say that I am vulnerable and need support.

And what is so great is that I feel surrounded by this wonderful group of women (and the occasional man – Tim was the first person to be nice about my blog) and know that there are people out there wishing me well and with whom I can talk about this – so thank you Karin, thank you Josie, thank you Rachael and thank you to everyone else (sorry its bedtime and I have to pump or this would be a list a mile long)

So to all my friends, real world and virtual world, thank you – because without you, I really don’t think I could have walked out that door, onto the train and into my office yesterday – you helped me through my months of bed rest and you have helped me back into my working life

Oh and I’m sure I’m going to blab on about it heaps more so please don’t go away now … !

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