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>A letter to my daughters – why I am going back to work


Dear Toddlergirl and Babygirl,

This is the start of Mummy’s first full week away from you and I wanted to explain why I won’t be around all day.

Its not because I don’t love you, or because I’d rather be doing grown up things, or because I don’t want to be your Mummy all the time.

Its because I believe that by going back to work I’m going to be a better Mother to you.  That continuing with my hard won career will allow me to nurture myself and to therefore be a happier, more fulfilled person which will mean you have a happier, more fun Mummy.

Ideally I would love to be at home with you every day, enjoying watching you grow and develop, sharing times with you and enjoying playing.  And I’m more than a little jealous that Super Nanny gets to do these things with you.

But life doesn’t allow us to do all the things we want all of the time.

So I won’t be around during the day but I promise I will be home for bedtime almost always, that Toddlergirl we will continue to have our chat and cuddles before you go to sleep, that Babygirl you will still have your breastfeeds when I get home.

And you know what, I won’t stop being your Mummy when I’m not there.  I won’t stop thinking about you and wondering what you are up to.  And missing you very, very much.

Mummy xxx

p.s. I hope that when you are grown up and Mummies yourselves, that the world will have changed and it will be easier for you to combine work with home and family.

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17 comments to >A letter to my daughters – why I am going back to work

  • TheMadHouse

    >I hope you have a good first day

  • Liz (LivingwithKids)

    >I think this is a lovely letter. I went back to work when No 1 Son was just a few months old and it was so hard. YOu'll be able to keep this and show it to them when they're older.

    Hope all goes well x

  • Gappy

    >Ah, it can be hard leaving them sometimes can't it.

    But you're right. If you're happier and more fulfilled, then everyone benefits.

    Best of luck on your first day back.

  • Jen

    >Good luck with your first day and week. Look forward to hearing how it went:) Jen.

  • Single Mum

    >That's a lovely letter. Hope your first day back goes well.

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Hope your first day back is ok. A lovely letter, they will understand. xx

  • Nova

    >I hope the day hasn't been too traumatic for you. xx

  • 1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books)

    >I hope it goes well for you… and I definitely hope that by the time they (and Daughter) grow up it will be easier to combine being a mummy and working… actually, if it could happen tomorrow, that would be good.

  • Insomniac Mummy

    >I'll be in the same 'place' next week.

    Hope your first day back went well.


  • Crystal Jigsaw

    >That's really lovely. I think you should print it off and keep it then show it your children when are are grown up with their own children.

    CJ xx

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >What a lovely way to express your feelings about this. I hope your first week back is going well. It's just such a shame that women are still forced to make these tough decisions.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thanks all – wasn't too bad, well some good, some not so good but I made it home

    Now just to work out how to pump enough milk for Babygirl … more on that later !

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >Good luck on the full time back to work … good to hear it went ok?
    I hope you can allow yourself to enjoy and that it gets easier than you currently think??

    What a strong great role model you are for your girls :-).

  • SwindonMum

    >Glad to hear you made it through day one, hope the week goes well.

  • Modern Dilemma

    >What a beautiful letter. I'm sure your children will appreciate it so much in the future. As for now, do not fret, they and you are going to be just marvellous. I hope you are getting as much support in the real world as you are in the virtual one.

    MD x

  • ThatGirl39

    >I hope your first day back was good! A beautiful post – and you're so right. Doing something for you does make you a better mum! x

  • bumblingalong

    >Hear hear!!

    (written, holding back a little tear, at my desk in the office…)

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