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>Bittersweet moments


This is my last week before I’m back at work full time and I am trying so hard to relish each and every moment with the girls.  Ok, let’s be honest, I don’t exactly relish suicide hour but you get the drift.

I am trying awfully hard to live in the moment and to enjoy these moments with them, rather than to focus on the fact that as of next week I will have a lot less of them and Super Nanny will be sharing these things with them.

The trouble is that it is awfully hard to focus on enjoying these moments with the little voice in my head reminding me that this might be the last time I get to do this.  But I am trying.

Enjoying chasing Toddlergirl around the garden as she shrieks with laughter – today she seems to be as mad as a March hare.

Having a long afternoon feed with Babygirl whilst Toddlergirl naps and staring into each other’s eyes for minutes at a time.

Curling up in bed at bedtime with both of them reading bedtime stories and chatting about the day.

Getting soaked at bathtime as Toddlergirl demonstrates her splashing swimming legs swamping both Babygirl and me.

Having Toddlergirl insist in washing my hair for me in the bath.

To be honest the list is endless but most heartbreaking was having a quick weep whilst cuddling them and Toddlergirl turning around and giving me a squeeze.

Gosh I am going to miss them so much it hurts.

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11 comments to >Bittersweet moments

  • The Moiderer

    >Must be very tough. I am lucky to have a hubby who stays at home to look after her but I sometimes have to be away with work and miss her so much. All I can say is that the thought is usually much worse than the reality. I always wind myself up when I'm going away and it's rarely that bad

  • TheMadHouse

    >Being a mum is hard, hard, hard. No matter what decision you make someone will not agree with you. Good luck and living in the moment isnt a bad thing

  • MissK

    >It's difficult going back, but you get into a different routine and you'll have just as much fun x

  • Amelia

    >Ah – this made me want to cry. I feel I talk to so many mothers about 'getting the balance' right being a working parent, and feel I have been continually striving to 'find' something that works. I still am'.

    I also knew that I had to have something that identified me as a person outside of motherhood, and agree it's nice to be able to go to 'paid' work. Mothering is hard and it doesn't pay the bills either!!!

    Good luck.


  • Mwa

    >Big hug from me! I remember how hard that was! xx

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    >Aww, sweetheart. Once you're settled back into a routine you'll be fine. Things will just fall into place and you'll wonder what you were upset about. And just imagine the smiley faces on your family when you are able to spend quality time together.

    CJ xx

  • Nova

    >I bet it hurts…I can't imagine it.
    I hope you enjoy the last few days and that it goes okay. x

  • Jen

    >Waiting for these things makes them feel worse but its hard not to think about it too. Hope you do ok over the next few days. Jen.

  • Hearth-mother

    >Oh I so felt this. And do you know what? This time round with number two it still doesn't feel quite right, though I have been back at work for nearly two months. It is just too tough; but each day gets a little bit easier…

  • Rose

    >Enjoy this week and live it to the fullest. I don't have any experience of how this must feel but I don't doubt it's very hard. I often wonder what on earth I will do if I'm lucky enough to have children

  • New Mummy

    >Bless you, hope you have a lovely week together x

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