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>I pump my breasts to provide milk for my baby & it is NORMAL


I have been made to feel like a bit of a freak or some kind of deviant over the past fews days because I choose to pump my milk for Babygirl to have whilst I’m away.

I have been told that it would be easier to change her over to formula.  Easier for me perhaps given that pumping isn’t exactly a whole lot of fun – to be honest its a fairly unpleasant sensation and the whole pump on boobs thing is rather undignified, as is having to nip out for a pumping break when other people go for a coffee.  But most certainly not easier in the long term.  By continuing to give her breast milk she is getting all the benefits of it – it is well documented that breastfed babies have less illnesses in the early years, and a sick child is certainly not an easy option.

Easier for my employer too because they wouldn’t have to find away to provide me with a room to pump in with a lockable door (something that is currently proving rather harder than you would expect – its not that I mind being walked in on, much, its just that other people don’t seem to appreciate seeing me in the act), they wouldn’t have to even consider the implications if I travel for work, and it would remove people having to even consider my breasts in a professional context.

I’m not trying to get extra super mum points by doing this.  I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty that they haven’t done this.  I’m just trying to do the best for my baby – to ensure that she is not disadvantaged by me returning to work.  If I was at home she’d be breastfed and so I will continue to pump.

I just wish that other women knew that this was an option, that people realised that there are women out there doing this and most importantly that it is perfectly normal to pump your own milk for your baby rather than to give them modified cows’ milk.  That whilst it may not be the easier option, it is an option.

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7 comments to >I pump my breasts to provide milk for my baby & it is NORMAL

  • Heather

    >I am so proud of women like you, doing what is right over what other peoples worries and problems are. Well done, really. It is wonderful to hear.

  • George's Mum

    >people are idiots somwtimes. Do you what you want for you and your baby and stuff 'em. Good for you for sticking to your guns!! x

  • Jen

    >I recall trying to discuss this option with my employer after my first child was born and you should have seen the look they gave me, you would think I asked for a private room to shoot up rather than pump!! When I called in to arrange this and needed to feed my son I got sent to the yucky bathrooms to do it!! Some people are still in the dark ages, but stick to your guns, eventually people will get more comfortable with it:) Good on you btw:) Jen.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Oh Jen – fortunately I mentioned it in passing to my boss (who I think stopped listening at the word 'breast') and the rest is through HR … that said trying to get time/somewhere to go when out of the office is a bit of a performance

    George's Mum – yup there are a lot of them out there

    Heather – thank you !

  • Young Mummy

    >All I can say is a HUGE well done to you, and keep going. I started pumping for the twins when we were still in hospital (and the paediatrician banned me from breastfeeding so he could 'be sure' how much milk the babies were getting) and I kept going for as long as I physically could.

    But when I had to care for two babies on my own I found I just didn't have the time and the energy to pump milk for Mr A when he refused to breastfeed. I managed nearly 4 months and feel proud of that, so I think you're brilliant. x

  • Frau Hopkins

    >Pumping is hard work and like you say, rather unsexy and undignified. But it is so worth it if you want to ensure your baby carries on receiving your breastmilk even when you are not there. I expressed for about 5 months so that my son would not miss out when I went back to work. It was a pain in the backside but I would do it all over again.

  • Diney

    >Good for you – it's bloody undignified and you feel like a blinking cow doing it, but it's your choice and I applaud you.

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