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>An ugly Valentines – my first all nighter


Claire (@lolas_mum on Twitter where I first met her) is holding a good, bad & ugly Valentines Carnival over at her place of the same name.

I’m sure that there will be lots of lovely heartfelt pieces about romance and love over there so please go and have a look.

But for me Valentines isn’t just about red hearts and flowers, its the anniversary of my first all-nighter.

In the banking world this is a real mark of passage – the first time you’re still at work 24 hours after you arrived.  The first time you discover that you can work through the night and actually still be productive through all those hours.  The first time you are still sat at your desk when the cleaners come in.

I remember the point mid-afternoon on the 14th February when it became apparent that I wouldn’t be leaving early, the point early evening when I phoned Mr Muddling and asked him to change our table to the following night (it turns out this made the restaurant VERY happy because they’d overbooked), and the point around 11pm when it became horribly clear that we were nowhere near finished.

Instead of spending a romantic evening with Mr Muddling, I spent it hunched over a computer with a director peering over my shoulder, frantically rewriting our pitch book.

I still have a copy of the pitch – I’ve kept it to remind myself why last minute rewrites aren’t a good idea and how sometimes less can be more.

But you know, all those late nights in the office were at least good preparation for motherhood and both Toddlergirl and Babygirl are a lot nicer to deal with in the wee small hours than some of my colleagues!

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4 comments to >An ugly Valentines – my first all nighter

  • bumblingalong

    >Woo Hoo! Pretty sure my hubbie would *not* have been too supportive of an all-nighter on valentines – and nor would I as the day after is my birthday! But I've done (a little less than) my fair share…

  • Jen

    >My longest stretch was 27 hours working, it took me weeks to get over it, while still continuing to work!! Last year I spent Valentines day in a maternity hospital having just had my daughter, a lovely memory:) I hope you don't have to pull an all nighter this weekend, isn't your baby at teething age? (touch wood, I probably shouldn't have tempted fate there!!) Jen.

  • Mum with carrot in her hair

    >I know the feeling well as my job means you're never quite sure when you're going to be kept on. Must admit I've never done it on Valentines day though. You're right though its good prep for baby times!

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >I remember my first. I had finished the deck but then found myself standing by a photocopier at 5am, then desparately binding documents for a 7am press conference. It was brutal. Still it's good to know the body can cope in those situations. Many reminders since then, with the children now though.

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