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>Facebook still hates breastfeeding


These posts over at Tuff Titties and by One of those Women highlighted to me that Facebook still is removing pictures on the site of women breastfeeding (pictures that often show less boob than some peoples’ holiday photos …).

Unfortunately Facebook is not just content with removing photos of women nursing their babies but they are now threatening to close down a group set up to highlight this because it is guilty of posting obscene pictures.  Or rather pictures that aren’t obscene in a society that normalises breastfeeding but might be considered so in our slightly warped society.

Because its considered acceptable to show pictures of naked breasts in a daily paper, but not to show a woman feeding her baby the food that is designed by nature to provide the right nutrition at the right time.

Because bottle feeding is pushed as being the better option because you can monitor what they are taking which continues to undermine women’s confidence in their ability to nurture their babies at their breasts.

Because I believe that as society we are unable to deal with women having both a sexual and maternal role because for some reason these powerful roles somehow threaten the status quo if they can’t be controlled, quietened and hidden away.

I find it so depressing that after all that has been done to normalise breastfeeding something like this happens.  And it undermines the small things I do every week to try and remind women that breastfeeding is natural and normal.


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11 comments to >Facebook still hates breastfeeding

  • Coding Mamma (Tasha)

    >Yeeshk! Doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Very annoying.

  • Aly

    >I joined on Facebook "Hey Facebook breastfeeding isn't obscene!" a couple of years a go.They have 'protests where everyone changes their profile photo to that of a breastfeeding mother for 24 hours.I have mine up most of the time and only once have I had photo removed and then put back.Don't be disheartened , keep up with your good work.

  • Mwa

    >That is RIDICULOUS! How sick must they be (or society) that something like this can happen?

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    >Is it an American thing? As you say the British tabloids have breasts adorning practically every page whereas the US press are far more conservative and FB was formed in the states. Not an excuse but maybe an irrational insight into the minds of the powers that be….

    Me personally, how the frig can you be offended by the sight of an infant feeding?

  • planb

    >The thing I don't get is that I've never seen a logical answer from them as to why they take them down. It's not as though it's only those that show nipple or something like that (and to be honest, if you're breastfeeding and still managing to show your nipples something's going wrong!)

  • Debbie(singlemom;complicatedworld)

    >there is so much ignorance over this subject! so much sensualization (is that word!LOL) of a natural thing! IT makes me crazy! its really does! keep staying true..keep fighting..its worth it!

  • David's Mommy

    >I just checked and there are 165 breastfeeding groups on facebook. If you have facebook, join them all and post pics. Let's see facebook try to remove 165 groups and all their pictures and then explain it away!

  • Holly Homemaker

    >Oooh it makes me so angry! I've been drafting a post for days about this but I have to keep leaving it be because I get so worked up about it!

  • Diney

    >Who are these people? It makes me furious.

  • Jen

    >Breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of, yet this kind of carry on does nothing to promote it. Very frustrating! Jen.

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