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>Things I have done whilst breastfeeding recently


– queued in the Post Office – slings rock ! (note to self – if feeding in the sling remember to have something to cover up my boobs, there are people out there who are taller than me.  Really sorry, tall elderly man but they are only boobs !)

– cooked and iced 48 fairy cakes for Babygirl’s christening lunch (bit of a mother in law looking after the baby fail – it appears that I may be a little desensitised to the amount of crying that Babygirl does …)

– caught up on reading lots of lovely blog posts – don’t you just love the iphone.  However if you have word verification on your blog it makes it REALLY tough for me to comment, any chance you’d consider getting rid of it or I’m not going to be able to comment much once I’m back at work

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10 comments to >Things I have done whilst breastfeeding recently

  • Debbie(singlemom;complicatedworld)

    >agreed!slings rock:)!!!!!!!!!

  • scribblingmum

    >Oh, I take my hat off to you, that's brilliant multi-tasking. The best I ever did was take part in a dance routine at my niece's dance class but that was just showing off and didn't look very comfy for the baby. There's a joke in there about milkshakes but I'm not brave enough.

  • planb

    >Go you! I never managed fairy cakes, but I am quite proud of feeding twins, simultaneously, on East Coast Mainline!

  • Stefanie

    >Wow, that's very impressive! One of my friends once breastfed her baby while pushing a trolley round Tesco's but the best I have managed it while answering the door and during a Church service. Tweeting/surfing the net via an iphone goes without saying! It provided me with a lifeline to the outside world in the early weeks of endless feeding!

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >Are you serious?? I could never do anything, as little L would get so easily distracted. *sulks*

  • Mwa

    >I'm so looking forward to that! Even though I must say I'm impressed with you. I never got the hang of breastfeeding standing up.

  • Amy

    >wow now that's multi tasking!! my word verification is off so single handed typing friendly xxx

  • Hearth-mother

    >Terribly impressive. I am a huge fan of the sling too, but I have to concentrate on the feeding when he is in there…

  • kmw

    >Very impressive, do you mind me asking what kind of sling are you breast feeding in? I have a boob monster and the ability to bf in a sling would help greatly.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >kmw – I have a Connecta and its the only sling I've ever been able to feed in (tried & failed with others) – you can jiggle it down a bit and mine has a sunhood so I can cover up Babygirl (and keep the interesting world away Metropolitan Mum so she doesn't get too distracted but she is a milk monster so hard to keep away from the boobs)

    The only thing i haven't managed to do is find a way to stop her throwing up down my cleavage …

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