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>What is so wrong with leftovers ?


I’ve been a little surprised recently by people being rather apologetic for serving up meals that are made from leftovers.  We’re all encouraged to recycle but food it seems has to be made from scratch?

Mr Muddling is rather like this and always seems a touch dismayed when he realises that Toddlergirl tends to eat for her lunch the next day the leftovers from our evening dinner.

I’m also a big fan of cooking a bit too much for Sunday lunch and then having the remainder resurface during the week in different forms.  The current winner is a leg of lamb doing a roast dinner, Moroccan lamb for us and then Toddlergirl and then Shepherd’s Pie for us and Toddlergirl plus a bit to freeze for a disorganised day.

I also regularly bounce a chicken using it as a roast Sunday lunch, chicken risotto, stock and cold chicken with salad.  Buying a chicken for just one meal seems horribly decadent (and a waste of lots of nice meat).

Is this not the done thing ?  Is this just my Mother’s Lancastrian streak coming out in me ?

My new favourite cookbook Economy Gastronomy seemed to suggest that leftovers were the new lobster (as it were) but yet people seem somewhat sheepish about Shepherds pie not being made from fresh (by the way, what is it with the idea of cheese on Shepherds pie ?  That’s wrong surely ?).

Do leftovers rock or are they a guilty secret ?

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13 comments to >What is so wrong with leftovers ?

  • vegemitevix

    >I love cooking, though doing it every night is a bit of a chore. At various times money's been really tight so I've become accustomed to making silk purse out of a pork's ear! I do the chicken thing as well, though hubby grumbles about having to eat around the bones. Another stretcher meal is risotto using salmon bits and bobs and of course the real student economy trick is chili beans, with the extra bonus that your entire family maintains regularity in every sense of the word! Sounds to me as if you're a sensible version of Nigella, without the creamy custard curves. x

  • bekimarie

    >Leftovers definately ROCK but my OH would disagree, he'd rather throw and start again.
    Your cheese comment made me laugh as to me it's so wrong but Oh always puts it on when he makes it.

    Beki x

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Yesterdays roast beef is sitting in the fridge for sandwiches, some form of meat with rice, some form of meat in tomato sauce – the list goes on and on.

  • Claire

    >Leftovers are fabulous. I often do a bit extra to give the children the next day, or freeze – that's if H doesn't get to it again first!

    Just seems sensible, organised and resourceful to me 🙂

  • TheMadHouse

    >I meal plan with leftovers in my plan, therefore, a chicken is a sunday roast, a curry and a risotto, plus lots of stock. Me and mini always have leftovers for lunch. It saves loads and makes me use my mind. I have gone from thowing away loads to actually not putting much in the bin at the end of the week

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    >Left overs rule. How can you throw good food away. I always buy the biggest chicken in the shop, so that Joseph can have at least another 2 dinners out of it, I can make a couple of litres of stock and a fab soup with all the left over veg and chicken on Monday.

  • Becky

    >I do try and make meals stretch especially as now cooking for 1 big & 2 smalls there is always at least one portion left for a later date. Taking advantage of the special offers on minced beef means that you can cook up a huge batch of bolognaise or chilli on one night and then only need to reheat the appropriate amount another night. I keep different size pots in the freezer so there are meals for 1, 2 or 3 all ready to go. Saves time & money but wish I labelled things as sometimes I get a big surprise!!

  • MrsA

    >What would we all do without leftovers?! There's no way we all make meals from scratch every night – too expensive to get the ingredients for a start. My favourite thing is the freezer and, no matter how many things we eat out of it in a conscious effort to make some space, it always seems to be full! Love it!
    EG was a great series and really not rocket science but you need to hear and see it to rejuvinate your culinary ideas. Good stuff, keep those recycled meals coming, and save those pennies. x

  • Monica

    >I agree! As long as they are stored properly there is nothing wrong with leftovers! I have some lovely minced meat that we ate on taco trays yesterday & today its gonna be either lasagne or shepherds pie… not decided yet! x

    I think the trend should be not to waste because regardless of how much money u have, some people don't have much to eat.

    Plus if you had to grow it yourself or hunt it yourself, you certainly wouldn't waste it!

    M x

  • Kim@EnjoyTheRide

    >Leftovers are great! Without leftovers there would be no bubble & squeak! No kegeree! What kind of a world would that be?

  • Mummy

    >Leftovers are far better than the original meal

  • Mwa

    >I love leftovers, but not the way my MIL uses them – she thinks chicken is fine in the fridge for about a week after it's cooked. As is everything else. Or longer. Ewww!

  • Anonymous

    >Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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