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>Getting my mojo back – first night out on the town !


Thank you for all your help with the frumpy Mummy worries (and the last minute panic about which top to wear which my lovely Twitter friends helped solve).

In the end I went with the majority verdict of skinny jeans, BIG heels, nice top and my favourite pair of dangly earrings.

Getting out of the house was a bit of a flap (when isn’t it ?) with a taxi driver that didn’t know where we lived despite saying he’d worked around here for 10 years (hmmmmmmmmmmmmm), Babygirl exploding a nappy right as I was going and Toddlergirl having come home incredibly grumpy.  But I escaped, caught the train I planned to and got to London in time for drinks before dinner !

And had a wonderful time catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years, friends I should see more or and Mr Muddling made it back from his trip in time for dinner !

All in all a fabulous evening and even better I know now that someone else can put both girls to bed successfully so I can plan lots of fun nights out rediscovering my social life !  Hurray !  My period of social purdah is over !

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13 comments to >Getting my mojo back – first night out on the town !

  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    >Well done you! I've managed a few "Mummy's Nite Off" with some friends but they dried up a few months ago. Would love to have a night out with hubby…maybe for Valentines or our anniversary? Goal!

  • Liz (LivingwithKids)

    >Brilliant, good for you! Going out with my friends at least once a week really helped me get through the first years… I think it's so important for your well-being. Only ever drank shandy, of course *cough*

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Oh Brilliant! No pictures of the final choice of outfit?

    I have the opposite problem here, a brilliant baby sitter that the boys adore and who can't wait to babysit for us as when they are in bed she can use the internet and often doesn't accept payment for babysitting as the boys are generally asleep…. but no where to go. Gah!

  • It's a Mummys Life

    >Wehay! You're well on your way to getting that mojo back! It's such a wonderful feeling to put the heels back on, and I'm dead impressed you got the skinny jeans on. x

  • Anonymous

    >You are mistaken.

  • Emily O

    >Nice to get some normality back! Hopefully you'll have some more evenings like that. I'm looking forward to a night out soon, it's probably a month or two away yet

  • skirts and wellies

    >Fantastic! Good for you. We went out on Friday and every time it's a shock to the system because we just don't do it enough. I'm so glad you had a fun night out.

  • Working Mum

    >So glad it worked out really well for you. Now you can get a little bit of you back after being mummy for so long. Planning the "I'm not just a mum, I'm a person too" haircut next?

  • AliBlahBlah

    >Good for you – sometimes it seems like more work than reward trying to doll up a post-natal body (and mind). I took my 1 yr old to the gym yesterday and managed a whopping 10 minutes on the treadmill before they called me to say she was inconsolable. Wow, 10 minutes, thanks guys, thanks for pulling your finger out and giving me 1/10th of the time on the treadmill than it took me to get us both up, dressed, fed and out of the house.


  • Metropolitan Mum

    >Great, that's absolutely great! I remember my first girlie night out since having little L – it was last Thursday!!!

  • vegemitevix

    >Fantastic! Bet you looked brilliant. Wonderful being a woman (not simply a Mummy) isn't it? x

  • Mummy

    >I am so glad you had a good time. I used to know all the best bars and restaurants in HK and frequently got invited to openings or special events. Now I am lucky if they remember who I am on the odd occasion I make it out.

  • Anonymous

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