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This post by Its a Mummy’s Life  got me thinking, not least because I have also been followed by a malt loaf (I’d love to know what metric they are using to find people to follow)

I started out on Twitter because I was asked to follow a dog to try and raise some money for charity so I set up an account and duly followed and then well left it because it was, well scary … actually very scary … and I was worried about being the unpopular girl at school again who just sits on the sides of conversations.

And time passed and eventually as I discovered the blogger world and made virtual friends the virtual world became less scary and so I tentatively tried Twitter out.

And a few months down the line, I have to admit to being slightly addicted.  Actually addicted is the wrong word, Twitter for me is like the coffee chat during the working day, its the personal interaction that you often don’t get in the Mummy life – its more than an addiction, its a life line.  I so wish it had been around when I had Toddlergirl (incidentally less than 2 years ago .. eek !) – I think having people to chat to, to share with, to just pass the time with, would have helped so much with that all encompassing sense of isolation that happens post baby.

You know, when you realised that you couldn’t give the baby back and that it was forever and that you couldn’t go back to your pre-baby life of cocktails, high heels & fashionable clothes.

So finding other people to talk to was and is a lifeline and quite honestly thank goodness for Twitter.

So go on, give it a try and come and chat to me – I’m here !

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13 comments to Twits & other animals

  • scribblingmum

    >I have to admit to being a bit scared by Twitter, upshot is that I don't understand it. However the more I get into bogging the more I feel I am missing something so it's on my list…..

  • vegemitevix

    >You followed a dog? I have some really weird people following me and some I've blocked (like the guy selling me gigolos in Costa Rica!???) Finally figured out a little space for myself on Twitter too and don't feel so left out anymore. Grab your coffee and come chat with me for a bit! 🙂

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >Still trying to avoid twitter as I spend most of the day texting anyway, and am supposed to be looking after PD. I do know what you mean about the adult contact though. Parenting is incredibly lonely (though naturally very worthwhile!!)

  • Heather

    >couldnt agree more. stuck out here in these temps it can be theonly out of family adult interaction i have id days.

  • Mwa

    >I've been off Twitter for a while because of circumstances, but I'm hoping for the same effect when my next baby is born.

  • Nova

    >Haha, I've been followed by a popular malt loaf too! Twitter has been a lifeline for me as well for nearly a year now. I wonder what I ever did before. ;0)

  • Michelle

    >I subscribed about a week ago as I also thougth I was missing out (such a copycat!) I did about 2 tweets and have not been on since. I just do not know where to get the time from and half the conversations were so cryptic I had no idea. I suppose it would be eaier if I had a star spangled phone that I could read updates on. I think I will get a bit more into the blogging community and then try again. Mich x

  • Irish Mammy

    >I like twitter but have to say find it difficult at the moment with an I-want toddler and sick baby! Amazing though the fast advice from moms when you have a question! It's a bit like butting in on thousands of conversations sometimes though!

  • make do mum

    >I've started using twitter again but get distracted quite easily. I end up replying to people hours later when they have probably forgotten what we were tweeting about!

  • MuddynoSugar

    >I agree, if this had all been about seven years ago when I had my eldest, I think I would have felt considerably less isolated..Love it all now!

  • Diney

    >Yes – I can see how twitter and possibly facebook can be a lifeline to those of you with very young 'uns. I occasionally tweet and dip into facebook, though I have to be careful on both counts as my own 28 year old plus 8 nieces and nephews in their 20's are all active participants, and would die if I intruded on their lives (and vice versa!!!!). I made lots of friends when pregnant through our local NCT classes, and I will be forever thankful that I joined as they are still great friends. x

  • Kerry

    >I have to agree, I used to avoid twitter thinking that I would never understand it, but now I love it and cant get enough of it. It is a great place to chat and with all the people that blog that are on there it is even better.

  • Anonymous

    >What a great resource!

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