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>A themeword for 2010?


Claire Lancaster (who is a great Twitter friend) tagged me with this and I’ve been mulling over it since

The idea is that you find a word to epitomise what you hope the year will be – and there are lots of things I hope this year will be (although mostly not last year … !)

And I’ve sat and thought and thought and I’m finding it really hard to find a single word

Her themeword is enjoyment, and I’ve considered balance, happiness, fulfilment, children, work, family, friends, comfort, closeness, mojo

And none of those do it for me

I have hopes for this year – that having started better than last year it will continue to be and I can’t encapsulate that in one word

So please take this and tag yourselves and see if you can do better than me !

Photo credit: linoleum jet

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