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Getting my mojo back – lady bits & a laptop

If anyone had even hinted at the events of my last physio appointment before we started trying to have babies then there is a very big chance that I would have changed my mind about having babies and instead focused on fabulous shoes and exotic holidays.

As you may have read in my earlier post about my knackered nethers I have been seeing a physio to try and deal with some of the less pleasant after effects of firing a baby out of your bits in next to no time (yes, actually a fast labour isn’t all that great despite what you may think).
So after my initial appointment when we found out that things weren’t great but fixable I had my follow up session… Where I ended up with my nethers attached to a laptop… Ooooh yes… Something that to be quite honest I had never even considered would happen to me.
But all things considered it wasn’t too bad.
Although as a slightly competitive type I am a little dismayed that my scores are less than a tenth of what they should be.
But at least starting from a very low level does give me the chance to improve. Just need to get focused on those pelvic floor exercises…
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15 comments to Getting my mojo back – lady bits & a laptop

  • Anonymous

    >Ha,ha! Not laughing at your probs but the bizarreness of the laptop image! Feel for you (and will be following the progress of your nether knackered nethers with great interest). I had a similar problem after a long and arduous encounter with a forceps – the doc had me doing strange things like blowing up a balloon while she monitored the effect on my pf muscles – nice! I also had to squeeze something and see how strong the muscles were – kind of like that game at the fair where you have to hit something to make a bell ring. I'd all but forgotten about that. I admire you for sharing this. On a more serious note, I think prolapses etc are much more common that most people think and many of my mummy friends have described some difficulties along these lines.

    Good luck and keep squeezing! MMxx

  • Manicmum

    >Hi – that previous comment was by my. Don't know what happened to make me anonymous. Manicmumxx

  • Anonymous

    >I inclination not approve on it. I over nice post. Expressly the appellation attracted me to review the intact story.

  • Emily O

    >I agree with the third comment er… (I get comments like those too).

    Poor you, all that stress before baby girl arrived and now lots of stres afterwards. I can't believe a laptop is involved, why do they need computers to analyse EVERYTHING these days? I hope things improve for you soon, you'll get there xx

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thanks Manicmum – its incredible what they can do to try and get things back in order, just not exactly dignified !

    Emily O – we're getting there (and I'm very motivated to keep working at it given I'll have another appointment with the laptop in a month)

  • Wendy Mallins

    >This is a very unspoken about area & came as a complete surprise to me after having girly (very quick labour!) I thought I would never be able to be more than a metre away from the toilet at all times! – but with lots of pelvic floor excercise things do inevitably get better but secretly glad boyo was a C-Sec!!

  • Nova

    >Oooh- very brave. I need to get something sorted out after five babies…the last three being ten pounds in weight. I can't go far without worrying where the nearest toilet is. :0/

  • Geriatric Mummy

    >Hopefully the work you are putting in now will prevent it becoming a problem in later life. Sadly that is almost inevitable with natural childbirth – confirmed by my mothers gyne and my experience with clients. Hence I had an elective section ! Hope it all goes well x

  • marathonmummy

    >What I want to know is whether everyone else was involuntarily doing pelvic floor exercises like mad whilst reading this! And squeeeeeeeze…

  • scribblingmum

    >I'll never forget going running after my second baby and having to hold myself cause I actually thought I had dropped part of myself as I was running!! Not a nice feeling – but they do say that with work you can get them back so make sure you put in the hours and you'll be having lots of great sex again soon (although just coughing without peeing yourself is a start…)

  • battleplan

    >After finding out that I'd failed at all 3 births – #1 too long and traumatic and #2 and #3 too akin to popping (very large and painful) peas I'm so glad I found your blog…. I've been through the intergalactic space probe, and the ritual humiliation at the hands of a physio who 'measures' your muscle performance #FAIL.

    Next phase is a gynae appointment later in the month where I fully expect the humiliation-ometer to hit the red.

    Still, worse things happen at sea apparently…

    Good luck, hopefully we'll both be marvelling at our renovated nethers in the very near future – BTW I'm not suggesting a circle group or anything!


  • Mwa

    >Connected to a laptop! That's a new one. I love that you have room for improvement. Go you!

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >I wasn't too far away from a forceps birth but ended with a c-section. I am grateful for it today…

    Good on you to talk about such a delicate topic! May the force of the squeeze be with you! xx MM

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >i must do pelvic floor exercises
    i must do pelvic floor exercises
    i must do pelvic floor exercises
    i must do pelvic floor exercises
    i must do pelvic floor exercises
    i must do pelvic floor exercises
    you have me doing more pelvic floor exercises than I would have other wise – squueeezeeee 🙂

  • Anonymous

    >Thank u 🙂 you should look at that emo boy one on this blog:

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