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>High five meme!

>A quickie because I have had a meme from Life’s Laundry to give my top 5 moments of 2009 – well these are my top 5 blogging moments ! This is the year I’ve discovered blogging and I’ve loved it so please say if you have enjoyed them

1. safely having Babygirl, after everything we went through, and her being so totally wonderfully well perfect
2. giving up work and going on sick leave and doing everything in my power to help Babygirl survive and grow – I never thought that doing nothing would be so hard
3. the little moments of perfection I’ve had with Toddlergirl
4. the realisation that I need to get my mojo back and the steps I’ve started to take to do it
5. completing my mother supporter training & helping to set up our local breastfeeding support group – its something I’m incredibly proud to have done, now there is support for women locally that wasn’t there a year ago – each week we are helping women
And now most importantly to pass it onto 5 lovely bloggers – well I’m afraid I can’t choose, there are so many bloggers out there I love and admire that I can’t just pick 5 so please if you’re reading this and you want to, take this award and enjoy it and pass it on! If you can’t decide, have a look at my blog roll over there => because there are lots of blogs who might be worth a squizz.
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5 comments to >High five meme!

  • Pippa

    >Great high points and I know what you mean about having to choose five others to share!

  • More than Just a Mother

    >Lovely post, and I will find some time to visit those high-point-posts. I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them.

  • skirts and wellies

    >So nice to hear your highs. So glad babygirl is safe and well. We weren't that lucky with our little one. He came at 25 weeks, but he is a lucky survivor and 7 now.

  • MuddynoSugar

    >Amazing highs. How you managed to organise a breast feeding group and have a new baby and a toddler I don't know…I am mulling on my 2009 highs..I will have a think, but like you, one of them has to be the blogging.. So lovely and what a great community!

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >I'm amazed you managed to do so much given the setbacks of your annuss horribilis. Truly amazing highs. I'm somewhat envious!!

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