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>Goodbye 2009, my annus fairly horribilis

>I am not exactly going to wave 2009 goodbye with a tinge of anything other than thankfulness that it is over.

This has NOT been a good year for me and I am very much looking forward to 2010 being an awful lot better.
That said I did start 2009 thinking it would be better than 2008 – no more newborn days (Toddlergirl was born in March 2008), no more return to work angst, no more weight loss worries.
Looking back, I had to cancel my birthday party due to work commitments and not actually being in the UK that day (nice, guess they won’t remember that in my annual appraisal…), got pregnant and vomited through February and March culminating in ending up in hospital with dehyration overnight. And then things were ok for a bit and then they got rather bad – threatened miscarriage, counting the days until we could call it threatened premature labour, visits to labour wards in different places when we tried to hold on to normality and get on with our lives, bed rest, boredom, worries about Babygirl needing to come out early, then worries about Babygirl not coming out without help and then her wonderful safe arrival and the fug that is the early days. But then the year did bring us Babygirl and lots of wonderful times with Toddlergirl so I can’t exactly write it all off as a bad year ! Oh and I discovered blogging …
But we’re now in 2010 and things are getting better and I can feel myself wanting to take back my life and get back on with things – roll on 2010 !
And this year I am determined to go out and find my mojo – keep watching this space !
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