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>Getting my mojo back – sharing a bed again

>One of the side effects of our lovely Christmas away has been that Mr Muddling and I have been forced back into the same bed at night.

For various reasons (mostly that we have the space for him to sleep in a spare room with a TV and radio so that when I’m pregnant and craving sleep he can sit up a bit later) we have fallen out of the habit of being in the same bed at night.
To be honest I like my own bed – room to stretch, to have a pile of books next to me, to have it smelling of lavender and to not have someone snoring next to me. But sleeping in your own bed every night can rather undermine intimacy (again, to be honest, having been told to be celibate since last June the separate beds were a way to help that).
But it is a bit difficult to get back into the same bed so this break has made us do that and now back at home, Mr Muddling is back in our bed.
And so far nothing has happened… but at least we are both in the same place and theoretically it could. At we are snuggling at night which I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed …
Baby steps back towards feeling that someone finds my body attractive because they want to snuggle up to it but steps forward nonetheless.
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5 comments to >Getting my mojo back – sharing a bed again

  • notSupermum

    >I always thought that one of the biggest mistakes we made when I was still married was buying ourselves a super-kingsize bed. It was big enough that we could both sleep with any bodily contact – and that was a mistake I think. You need to maintain that intimate contact in bed, so I'm pleased for you that you're back in the marital bed.

  • Sandy Calico

    >Separate rooms is an easy habit to get into. We did it when Cash was small so Andy could get more sleep.
    We're so much happier for sleeping in the same bed again. We also go to bed at the same time as each other, that helps too! Fingers crossed you can, erm, get your mojo back soon! x

  • Metropolitan Mum

    >Let 2010 be the year of the mojo!!
    xx D

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >Hi Hannah,
    I am genuinely moved by your mojo back posts … absolutely may 2010 be the year of the mojo, all the luck in the world!
    Love Ms X

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Yup 2010 shall be the year of the mojo – I'm afraid I shall keep boring you with my attempts to find it … if you don't mind !

    And I'm really hoping that its still out there for me to find

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