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>Blurring the lines between my compartments

>I’ve taken a bit of a big step. I’ve gave Mr Muddling the name of my blog a while back and he’s only gone and read it.

He’s known for a while that I’ve been doing this and sort of written it off as, I guess, something I do in my Mummy-world that is kind of sweet but not terribly important but does stop me from pinging off the walls. I’m not sure he quite realised what I was up to in the same way he hasn’t really realised what has happened with the breastfeeding support group I’ve set up with a friend and how its become, well, rather a success.
Anyway, he’s been struggling to find me Christmas presents and last night came home and suggested getting me some nice clothes in a variety of sizes but to make me feel ok about myself and said he’d come up with it after reading my mojo posts.
So here I am deeply touched that he’s read this thing and thinks its ok (well written, he said, but he’s a scientist so not sure that counts…) and deeply worried that there are people I know reading this! Just have to hope he keeps being busy at work and doesn’t have time to pop by too often!

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7 comments to >Blurring the lines between my compartments

  • George's Mum

    >eeek! people I know keep saying 'oh, saw your blog I liked such and such' and I never know to be pleased or a bit nervous- what exactly did they read??? I definitely hold back sometimes or don't bother posting it at all just in case.

  • solveig

    >I always find it weird when someone I know says they read my blog. I know a few of my friends regularly do and my husband always does, but every now and again someone out of the blue tells me they found it. I never tell anyone that I write it. I don't think any of my family know about it, though I know my in-laws read it. To some extent it makes me self conscious about what I put up though I always think that if there is something I wouldn't be happy for my parents to one day discover, I'd better not write it!

    S x

  • Its a Mummys Life

    >eek! I wish I hadn't told my husband about mine. He swiftly requested never to be blogged about and got all twitchy about it. Still he has read it occasionally and doesn't seem too bothered anymore. I always think that what I write is from the heart so therefore if anyone doesn't like/gets upset it's their problem not mine. I do this for me and my kids. Merry Christmas! x

  • manicmum

    >The ManChild knows about my blog but has steadfastly avoided reading it. I could take it as evidence of his lack of interest in anything I have to say (!) but I prefer to think of it as him respecting my space. Besides, I can write what I like without worrying about what he might think. If he only knew what good material he is…XX

  • platespinner

    >My husband knows I blog too, but has never shown interest in reading it. As far as I know, none of my family read my blog and only a very few of my friends. I prefer it that way, as I feel I can be more honest and write what I feel like writing without censoring myself.

    Hope you have had a good Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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