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>Getting my mojo back- knackered nethers

>Well its official – my nethers are knackered. Not utterly or irretrievably but still not functioning quite as they should be.

I had an ‘interesting’ session with the physio yesterday – not as embarrassing as I thought it would be and at least after a bit of rumaging and my bits being wired up to a machine we know where things are.
So I’ve been sent home with slightly different exercises to do, a somewhat peculiar intergalactic probe to practice with once a day and the promise that things will improve and it will all be ok one day sometime in the future.
And I guess I should feel all happy that I’ve taken a positive step forward to solve this but instead sitting here in the middle of the night thinking about it, I’m miserable – I didn’t realise that in exchange for my children I would have to go through this. I did my pelvic floor exercises religiously before, during and after my pregnancies and this was not part of what I was promised.
Sleep deprivation, smelling of sick and the obsession with baby poo I can cope with but smelling of wee and knowing that you can’t be too far from a loo isn’t what I signed up for. I was planning on going back to work a few days a week in the New Year to gently reacclimatise to it all and I’m not sure I can – what if I misjudge it and have to sprint (well shuffle, pulling all my core muscles in) for the loo, what if I REALLY misjudge it? How do I do the confident, happy thing when this problem is lingering around (rather like the smell of stale wee or the feeling of knowing you are wearing an incontinence pad?).
I’m nowhere near reclaiming my mojo – I’m trying but I feel fat, frumpy, as if no part of me works properly any more and horribly far removed from the me life I reclaimed after Toddlergirl was born. I know things will get better and I know I should focus on the positives but at this moment, in the here and now it feels like getting back to being me is an awfully long and painful way away.
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8 comments to >Getting my mojo back- knackered nethers

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >YOu do know that you will get it all back and it is just a phase, you said it yourself. But it does seem a million miles away. Keep on at it and one day you'll reaslise you cracked it. Hope it is sooner rather than later. x

  • Hearth-mother

    >You have done, and are doing, all the right things. Nothing prepares you for the wallop your body takes though – not even having done it before.

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >Oh I really hope you feel a little better and more positive soon. It is bloody awful when the aftermath of giving birth really hits home. x

  • zooarchaeologist

    >I think its takes ages after baby number two, its only now on the odd day that I feel like my old self. Work has helped that. Most of the time, i'm like a fat, mental, old (sometimes) incontinent hag. You can't possibly think yourself as bad as that, you seem poised and glamorous to me! xx

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >OK- given that a recent trip to the doctors has already pronounced my undercarriage to be a matter of 'concern' I am somewhat alarmed to think that |I still ahve this to come. Another thing to add to the list of stuff they don't tell you in NCT class. I shall be watching/reading/prAying it getS better, after all, I am following in your footsteps!!

  • Bush Mummy

    >I wet myself on a beach in Cornwall just after my second daughter was born. Highly embarrassing – my pelvic floor took ages to heal.. but it did heal and now I've just had another baby,it seems fine this time.

    Courage mon brave.. it will return.

    BM x

  • worldofamummy

    >Good luck – it is so horrid the things we go through. I saw the woman's health physio after Ben was born (3rd degree tear and shoulder dystocia) and it did help – but it isn't really the most dignified thing I've ever been through.

    It will get better I'm sure. x

  • Naomi de la Torre

    >After my first baby was born by c-section (despite our desire to have a natural birth with a midwife) we suffered all kinds of breastfeeding challenged. I got recurrent mastitis so bad that they almost cut into my breast in order to drain the infection. Anyway, I was put on round after round of antibiotics which made me crap on myself constantly. I pooped myself in public on various occasions and it was horrifying. Let me just say that I am with you sister. Birth does some crazy stuff to our bodies and I'm sorry for what has happened to you. I hope things improve quickly!!

    PS Come by for a visit to my bloggy sometime if you want. I really enjoy reading yours!!

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