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>Modern proverbs – when it all seems to be going well, things start to go wrong

>Blah! Isn’t it typical, you think life is looking up and then … bam! Suddenly things start to go wrong again. You think that you deserve a break and karma decides to give you a quick kick in the shins.

I had thought that we had paid our karmic price this last year. Come on, in the last year I broke my foot in three places, had hyperemesis gravidarum and needed a night in hospital on a drip, had multiple visits to the labour ward with threatened miscarriage / early delivery, the worries about Babygirl not growing properly and now the delights of a slightly intense baby.
But no, it appears that we need to have a bit more on the negative side of the ledger. Mr’s job is now looking wobbly which means that my vague idea of reducing hours to let me keep up some of my Mummy interests (really letting me continue running the breastfeeding support group I’ve set up over the last 6 months) isn’t going to happen.
We were here just over a year ago when his last job ended with the company going bust. Fortunately he found a great new job but now look what has happened.
Maybe 2010 is going to be better and this is just the last wobble of 2009… maybe…
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