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>The joy of a good stomp

>I think there is nothing quite like the feeling that comes from having gone for a good long stomp on a cold but sunny day.

Mr Muddling and I bundled the girls into the double decker (bit of a mistake that – next time we’ll carry them and not have to worry about the buggy getting bogged down in the mud) and headed off over the fields to explore the other side of the hill.

I’m a little ashamed that having lived here for two and a half years we haven’t done this walk yet but hey ho.

And it was great – cold and bracing, rather muddy but the easiest hour of exercise I’ve done in ages.

Think we’ll be doing that again very soon – just need a good map of the local footpaths to see where else we can go. And to remember that taking the buggy isn’t the best idea (but at least we didn’t get a flat tyre this time – the kevlar tape seems to be doing its thing)

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