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>Chanelling my inner domestic goddess – home made sloe gin

>I have finally got around to making some sloe gin. We picked the sloes off the tree at the bottom of the garden a few weeks back and they’ve been in the freezer since whilst I got hold of the recipe from our local expert.

Pricking the sloes took a surprisingly long time but the results already are starting to look the right colour – just not sure how long I can hold off before we drink it.
And unfortunately I’ve already channelled my inner clumsy person and dropped one kilner jar so we’re down to three jars only – eek!
Sloe Gin Recipe (makes 3 litres but pro rata for less)
Pick enough sloes to half fill your kilner jars. Freeze them and then defrost and make sure you prick each one with a sharp knife (some will be all squishy but don’t worry about that).
The add in 750g of sugar and top up with gin (don’t get the good stuff, just bog standard own brand is fine – hopefully you’ll be making it taste a LOT nicer with the sugar and sloes).
Give it a good shake and then upturn and shake every day until the sugar is dissolved (should happen after about a week).
The put in a dark cupboard and remember to turn every few weeks… and wait… and be patient because you don’t want to bottle it until this time next year!
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