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>Aga wars – coal in the hole

>I’m beginning to think that Aga’s are like Marmite – you either love them or hate them. Trouble is that I don’t know if I love mine or hate it – actually I think I do both.

I love how warm it keeps our kitchen, how everyone migrates to warm their bottoms on its rail and how its always warm and ready to cook so I don’t have to add in warm up time when putting dinner together.
That said, mine is currently either too hot or too cold, has had a recent tendency to blow soot all over the kitchen when the wind is in the wrong direction and is proving a total nightmare to cook on at the moment – so far things have either been totally undercooked or cremated. Last night it managed to charcoal sausages in only a few minutes – so instead of toad in the hole we had coal in the hole … very disappointing
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9 comments to >Aga wars – coal in the hole

  • Diney

    >Ha ha! Yes, this is so right. Others who have an Aga seem to almost worship it, but I have the same love/hate relationship. Two Christmases ago we didn't turn it up enough to retain the heat to cook a massive turkey etc etc and it took HOURS to cook ( I had so much bubbly by the time it was ready that I couldn't care a monkeys, but hubby and son were starving!!).

  • Mwa

    >An Aga sounds like too much work for me.

  • Kim@EnjoyTheRide

    >I love the idea of an Aga, and all it's old world allure, but the practicalities don't match up…

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >The evil oven has clearly been leading your Aga astray. They are usually very dependable (and very enviable…)

  • zooarchaeologist

    >I have come to the conclusion that individual ovens have their own personalities. My gas oven was better than the electric until one day I burnt myself on it and then it was downhill from there for me and back to the electric oven which burns everything in spite of being the correct temperature according to the costly oven thermometer that I was forced to purchase from 'expensive cooking shop in St Albans'…
    There's only one option- order all food in and when you get fed up with that turn back to the microwave lol!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I'm beginning to think that ours needs a major overhaul but scared of the costs – it was installed by the DIY mad but useless previous owners…

    It does do lovely crackling (when it works – Christmas before last I had to get a blowtorch out to do the crackling)

  • skirtsandwellies

    >I'd love an Aga. You are so lucky! Although it doesn't sound like you're feeling that way. 🙂 Is there an aga cleaning man you can call to do the whole system? Maybe that would help.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >S&W – fortunately (given its £150 for a service) Mr has taught himself to service it so its serviced very regularly. Scared of talking to Aga about a proper overhaul in case its horrifically expensive (which most things are for them)

    Current theory is that the oil we have is Russian and dirtier to burn so thats causing the heat fluctuations …

  • Anonymous

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