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>British Mummy Bloggers Carnival

>Its with enormous pleasure that I’m hosting the British Mummy Bloggers’ Carnival this week

Go and grab yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger if you’re reading this during / after suicide hour), the remainders of that pack of chocolate digestives and settle back for a wonder through the best of the blogs out there
In no particular order (because I’m afraid that I’ve compiled this in the teeny tiny gaps that Babygirl has let me have free) and without much in the way of frills or fanciness but hey, their wonder is undiminished and doesn’t need much introduction anyway, I give you this week’s wonderful bloggers and their super posts !
Taking first slot because its my week and I can I’m asking if its possible for a Mummy to get her mojo back – want to join me in seeing if we can find our funk again?
Mummy Do That writes about childcare vouchers – how you need to use them or lose them
Living With Kids asks what is your unsuitable Mum Crush (and yes, she also thinks that Robert Pattinson is a rather nicely put together young man !)
Snaffles Mummy tells us about the trauma of big boy swimming lessons
More than just a mother is assessing her nanny/ Mary Poppins
20something mum takes up the cause of the the Mummy netscape against Janet Street-Porter
The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms is thinking back to before she became a Mum
Notes to self plus two with red shoes goes maternity shopping in Topshop
Hot Cross Mum introduces us to Mumbots and most importantly includes instructions for staving off system overload
The Children’s Jewellery Company has a small rant about seasonal weather challenges and works out that Mums are naturally always equipped for bad weather
Its a small world afterall is packing for 9 months of travel around the world with her family and is thinking about what her children would want to pack … which includes a baby elephant …
Me, the man and a baby explains why new parents need help and advice with bottle feeding when things don’t work out with breastfeeding and that supporting one doesn’t have to mean ignoring the other and leaving parents without the information they need.
Claire Lancaster has issues with Daddy Daycare and painting … and posted pictures for us
In search of the perfect triangle walks us through the last two and a half years of her rollercoaster ride
Angels & Urchins believes that the idea that Mums rely on only 9 recipes isn’t actually true (and gives us a great recipe too)
Mummy’s Learning Curve is being all crafty – check out her pictures
A Tired Mummy’s Blog is having some issues with her local supermarket
Baking Mad Mama writes to her husband about how the last year has impacted them both
A Mother’s Ramblings has lots of tips for frugal Christmas food
Rebel Mother had a (not so) bright idea
Time Management Mum is giving us tips on having a stress free Christmas every day this month – this one is about not having to go to the shops (I guess Rebel Mother hadn’t read this …)
Mum’s Survival Guide isn’t quite sure who is in charge at her house
Modern Mama has tips for coping when your child’s best friend moves away
Parklover takes us for a walk along her favourite bit of canal
Very Bored Housewife has been having some laundry issues
Is there a Plan B? knows that blogging isn’t competitive but can’t help herself wanting to be the best she can
Most / Least gives us the wonderfully entitled Aporkalyse – yup their family have been hit by swine flu
Babies who brunch is musing about getting older
Baby Baby has been to a Downing Tweet Christmas Party in aid of the Million Mums campaign
Adventures of a sleepless toddler tells us that its all about the adjectives … and sharp boobs !
And last but not least is Babyrambles who is wondering whether to trust her instincts or to get competitive about what to teach her son
Oops one I missed (sorry) Wives & Daughters has some great information on colic to share (yup that was one I read, noted down the things that worked and then went off to try them on Babygirl rather than putting it in…)
I’ve you’re interested in hosting the carnival one week, have a look here – its a great way to get to see lots of lovely blogs you may not have seen before.
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19 comments to >British Mummy Bloggers Carnival

  • WADs

    >you didn't add mine in the end 🙁

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >Hurray! Well done for pulling this together among the ga-zillion other things you're clearly doing at the moment. Looks like a great carnival with some great posts. I'm going to grab a coffee, biscuits, another jumper (it's freezing in my house) and get stuck in. Thanks for including me. x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >WADs – sorry just found where I put the link, you're in now (and its a great post – I totally agree that most of the medicines are a great con when it comes to colic). This time we're finding again that tummy sleeping and massage are doing great things to help her (and time passing …)

  • WADs

    >Thanks hun and no worries, weldone for putting together a great carnival 🙂 Got a bit of reading to do now.

    Yeah you can't beat tummy sleeping for colic, hope she is getting through it ok x

  • Emma

    >Well done for putting this together.. It must be so time consuming!
    Thank you for including me! 🙂 x

  • Very Bored Housewife

    >Thank you for including me, I shall be reading all the posts later tonight whilst t'husband is watching the football. xx

  • The Dotterel

    >What a wonderful list!! Thanks for putting it together… I'm always amazed and delighted (in equal measure) come carnival time to find some posts I've missed.

    Well done!

  • angelsandurchinsblog

    >What's wrong with Robert Pattinson as a crush? And hope the missing mojo is returning – reckon we should invite Mr Pattison for dinner? I can cook up one of the delicious dishes left by a mother on the (only?!) 9 recipes post. Been very nice to add some staples to the throw-it-in-got-no-time-cookbook. Thanks for including the post. And, er, happy christmas!

  • Pippa

    >What a great carnival! I shall have to read the ones I have missed now… although saying that I should be working… hang on I am my own boss I'll do what I want!

  • bakingmadmama

    >Thanks for doing this fab carnival, and thanks for including my post! Off to have a read now…

  • Sandy Calico

    >Wow, wonderful carnival. Thank you so much for sneaking mine in x

  • Kath@Parklover

    >Hi, thanks for including me, even though my post is a bit bizarre!

  • A Modern Mother

    >Thanks for putting this together!

  • Rebel Mother

    >Flippn' 'eck! I counted 32 entries.

    You are a star…..well done. This will keep me busy for a while.

    And thanks for putting me in.

    Much Love RMXX

  • SnafflesMummy

    >well done on hosting this and thanks for including my post.

    We are having a duvet day today so perfect blog reading opportunity

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >OH SM am so tempted by a duvet day but don't want Babygirl to think that she should be sleeping in the day (would REALLY like her to sleep at night!)

    RM – enjoy the reading … hadn't realised how many there were because I'd done it in short bursts between the demands of my small people

    Kath@Parklover – not bizarre, our local park is a late afternoon lifesaver (just need it to have lights so we can continue using it through winter)

    Angels & Urchins – there is NOTHING wrong with Robert Pattinson as a crush and if you can get him around to dinner them PLEASE can I come (my MW might get to meet him and I'm sooooooooooo jealous)

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >Absolutely great. I have just read them all, love it!
    Well done for doing this, I am now sorting out my blogroll to add some more friends – what a pleasure.

  • metajugglamum

    >This is a wonderfully inspiring collection of experiences, well done in for compiling the articles .. what a huge effort!
    I am very flattered that you have included me – thank you 🙂

  • Anonymous

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