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>Getting my mojo back- week 2 – pelvic floor problems

>This isn’t something that I’d talk about in my real life but here I’m going to be totally honest – in short, 7 weeks after my baby arrived I’m still having some problems and well … rather … incontinent …

AND what makes this worse is I did all those darn pelvic floor exercises whilst pregnant. I had to, it took nearly 6 months to get things back to normal after Toddlergirl was born and I didn’t want it to happen again.
So I was very brave and mentioned it to my lovely GP when Babygirl and I went for our check and I have been referred to a physio to see what can be done. Luckily I have private healthcare through work so I’m seeing someone just before Christmas to start things going.
That said, I did have to have a call with their claims centre which went something like this …
‘Hi I need to see if you’ll authorise some physio for me’
‘My GP has referred me because I’m having some issues with my pelvic floor’
‘Yes I am having some problems with incontinence’
‘Yes quite often’
‘You’ll cover it – super – thanks’
So its not quite at the mojo recovery stage yet but perhaps at that making me feel good that I’ve done something rather than sat and worried and put off dealing with my relationship with Tena pads
So week 2, progress being made … what to do for week 3? Any suggestions?
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5 comments to >Getting my mojo back- week 2 – pelvic floor problems

  • Mwa


    *applauds you from afar*

    Yay you!

  • Not Waving but Drowning

    >Here in France, all new Mums leave hospital with a prescription for umpteen physio sessions to re-educate the pelvic floor.

    Bon chance…it'll all come right, honest!


  • family affairs

    >It's all about strengthening – just keep squeezing muscles every time you remember and connect to core – start doing some pilates classes asap. Thx for your message today – would you mind changing your link to my new blog (and re-following?) I'm going to shut that one down soon and would hate to lose you!! Lx

  • rosiescribble

    >Well done for mentioning it to your GP. I'll sure it can only get better from here on.

  • MuddynoSugar

    >1. I want/need physio
    2. If I accidently get pregnant again. I am going to France.
    3. Lucky you for having a Doctor that listens – you have done the right thing. Don't be like me.

    My little one is 3 and laughing and sneezing is still not allowed!

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