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>Getting my mojo back – week 1

>As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m trying to get my mojo back – I’ve checked and its not behind the sofa so I’m going to have to hunt for it (unless someone around here knows where its been hidden???)

So as a first step I now have a pair (actually after a day with the incredible vomiting Babygirl I had to go back and get a second pair !) of jeans that actually stay up when I play on the floor with Toddlergirl – have you any idea how nice it is to not have to hoick up your trousers every time you bend down?
And I found a couple of tops that sort of skim over the Mummy tummy and the enormous breastfeeding boobs. Oh and a pair of silver baseball boots which are the highlight of my life at the moment (am I shallow, probably !) which might have been from the children’s department – one good reason to like having small feet !
So I guess first step is a success – in the two or so outfits I now have that fit my Mummy shape I feel good and the silver shoes make life a lot brighter
So onto the next step … I think I have to face up to something that I haven’t really talked about to anyone, the fact that my pelvic floor is shot to pieces and well… you can imagine…
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9 comments to >Getting my mojo back – week 1

  • Mwa

    >Silver shoes should be mandatory for any young mother.

    The pelvic floor should be talked about. And also with your doctor. I hope you get yourself some fixes soon!

  • Really Rachel

    >Oh good for you! It's lovely to have some clothes that fit/don't fall down/cover up the relevant bits etc. I remember feeling pretty down about my shape/wardrobe after I had EP. I've been ok with the pelvic floor though(!) Good luck with that.

  • alybean

    >Silver shoes sound lovely especially at this time of year.It does take a while to feel a bit more you again but I found you do have to work at it but it does pay off.

  • Mummy Bear

    >I've been in the same rally baggy jeans for the past two years (through pregnancy and first year of Little Miss P). Every now and again I put on a pair of 'skinny' jeans and they fit and I think "fabulous". An hour later they are flung across the bed in favour of their looser, more comfortable ugly sister! I fear my mojo may stay hidden for a bit longer!

  • Coding Mamma (Tasha)

    >Ooh, I really want to go and buy some new clothes and get my hair done. Sadly, lack of money means, I am making do with rediscovering some of the nice skirts I bought when I got my mojo back last time (when Rosemary was about a year and a half).

    My pelvic floor only gives me problems when I sneeze, and it always has done, even pre babies. But I have a friend who is going to have to have an operation, hers is so shot. Good luck sorting it out – hopefully you can sort it with physio!

  • Laura McIntyre

    >Good luck . My youngest is almost 15 months and i am STILL trying to get my mojo back.

    Yeah my pelvic floor after 3 kids in 3 years is pretty much shot, need to wear a towel 24/7 these days or end up soaked through. it is not fun

  • angelsandurchinsblog

    >Am so jealous of your small feet. And, of course, of having silver boots to put on them. But, you know what they say about small feet? Well, that might be why the poor little pelvic floor is feeling as though it's been put through quite a lot. Reckon someone should do some research on it!

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Am so happy that other people understand the happiness associated with silver shoes ! I'm not alone !

    Come on ladies, join in with me – let's start loving ourselves (and our silver shoes)

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >Whilst I cannot offer any real advice yet (I shall be praying for my pelvic floor in the next 6 months.)

    I genuinely wish you so much luck on your search for your mojo!

    One silver step at a time 🙂

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