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>Things I’ve had said to me whilst slinging

>I do like my slings – far, far easier than a pram (and without the risk of a hernia every time you have to drag them out of the car and less chance of destroying displays in shops with bad driving) but I have had a few strange comments really whilst slinging Babygirl

– ‘oh you have a BABY in there’
No I was just making little snorting noises in a very high pitch myself … and have a strange extra low, sticking out bulge to my boobs …
– ‘that cannot be comfortable for her – what you need is a nice pram’
I think it must be, she’s happily asleep and when awake is all friendly when in it
– ‘would you like me to go and bring your pram over for you?’
Um no this is an alternative to a pram so I don’t take both out with me
Actually with Babygirl being a bit more demanding when it comes to being held, the sling is my lifeline – it means I can actually do something (anything) – only question is how this is all going to work when I go back to work but we’ll think about that in the New Year
p.s. I’m hosting the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival on 8th December – see here for details
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8 comments to >Things I’ve had said to me whilst slinging

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >I'd have loved to use a sling (terrible back, tried with my new born 7lber and spent 3 days in agony with prolapsed disc), they always looked great. Ignore what everyone else says, they're just jealous!

  • Clare

    >Funny, I've only ever had positive comments when using mine. Slings are great!

  • Mwa

    >It's amazing how people seem to take babies as an excuse to be rude and interfere.

  • Diney

    >I think slings are a fantastic way to get up close and cuddle your baby. Ignore them – some people are so rude, I can never understand why they would think it a polite/interesting/helpful/amusing thing to say. Nowt so daft as folk as they say in Yorkshire.

  • Rebel Mother

    >Hubby used to like 'slinging' a kid on his back!

    After nine months of dragging the kid round I preferred the pram.

    Slings are fabulous things…

    Love RMxx

  • Then There Were Three

    >i love my sling, i use a papoozle. the funniest is when i sit down or bend forward and the people around me react as if she's about to fall out or get squished, she's my baby peeps, I akm not goign to squish her!!!

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >Oh people are just so ridiculous. Tell them to 'sling their hook' next time (sorry, couldn't help it!). Will check out your carnival and send you an entry through. Enjoy it – good fun but lots of work!

  • solveig

    >I always used to get: 'well I've never seen a baby carried like that before! Hahaha!'

    Drove me mad…

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