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>Sharing the blogging love – part 1

>After some of the angst amongst the blogging community recently over whether blogging is a competition or not, whether we should review or not and goodness only knows what else it seems rather wonderful that I’ve been the lucky recipient of four lovely awards. I’ve been hoarding these for a while until I got long enough (or proficient enough at typing whilst feeding/slinging and jiggling Babygirl) and I’m afraid that in the interests of not being unwittingly rude I might not have done all the things that they asked of me so I could get them out sometime before the end of the year and that this comes in two parts with the rest coming very soon I promise. So here is the first 50%…

Thank you firstly to the lovely Maternal Tales for this Queen award which I think will decorate my sidebar most wonderfully.
The rules are to pass it onto 5 worth recipients so please step forward …
1 Notes to self plus two (and the need for red shoes) – who has just had some VERY good news !
2 Being a Mummy – who is in need of a bit of love because she’s being squeezed by work and life
3 Adventures of a sleepless toddler – who had her little girl earlier this week (and her midwife didn’t make it in time … eek !)
4 Sleep is for the weak – in the hope that this makes her smile after her sad goodbye recently
5 40 Not Out – another shoe lover who has a little one with similar characteristics !
Then there was this from the lovely Clareybabbling
I should tell you 7 things about myself but instead will move onto the more important part which is to pass it onto 4 lovely blogs – these are the four blogs I’ve discovered most recently
2 Lucy’s parenting blog
And to go back to what I mentioned at the beginning, I do hope that all the fuss and bother hasn’t put anyone off – I’ve been incredibly touched by the support I’ve had from this lovely online community whilst having the pregnancy from hell with Babygirl – I’d like to think that I’ve found some real life friends through this and to be honest my blog is no longer a soliloquy, its a dialogue with a wonderful bunch of people.
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