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>Unwittingly moving from harassed new mum to rude?

>ARGH ! I can’t believe how much I’m letting this get to me but I’ve spent rather too much time post phone call having a good weep.

To explain, I had a call from my Mother to say that my Aunt had been in touch to ask if we’d received the flowers that they sent when Babygirl was born (and that I was fairly certain we’d said thank you for when we saw them at my sister’s wedding…) and that we’d got the present they physically handed us and we again said thank you for at the time.
I KNOW I haven’t yet written my thank you cards for Babygirl’s incredibly generous presents and it has been preying on my mind but since she is still less than a month and feeding a LOT I thought that I probably had a little longer to be classed as ‘harassed new Mum give her a bit of slack’ and not ‘really very rude, call her Mum and get a message passed on about how she’s failed’.
So I’ve written their card … fairly illegibly and over the course of several hours because Babygirl needing feeding, winding, changing and Toddlergirl did need a bit of attention too … and will now have to forgo sleep and time spent cuddling Babygirl or making time to be with Toddlergirl whilst Babygirl sleeps to get the rest done so I can stop feeling guilty
And I’m still left feeling like a complete failure when actually I’d been thinking I was doing ok
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13 comments to >Unwittingly moving from harassed new mum to rude?

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >They are being unreasonable! Don't worry. Noone can expect a new mum to be on top of her game, and everyone should realise that new mums have got way better things to do (like sleep) than write cards for flowers – which are all very nice and all, but they didn't have to send them. YOu sound likeyou are doing brilliantly to me. Way better than I was at this point with No. 2. No one got thanked for anything for MONTHS!

  • Hearth-mother

    >People are ridiculous. Took me a good couple of months to get sorted after no. 2. Ignore!

  • Mwa

    >Don't let them bully you! What a cheek. You should be resting and enjoying, and thanking people can wait. So presumptious to expect a thank you note anyway. I consider them fully optional.

  • siobhan

    >I finally got round to writng thank you cards after a couple of months. It then took a while to get round to posting them. In the meantime, DS busied himself one day while mummy was rejoicing the fact that he'd gone all quiet and was entertaining himself, by, yes you guessed it, tearing open each and every envelope and scribbling on all the cards!

  • cartside

    >Ah come on, sure you can write all your cards within a week of giving birth?

    But seriously, my rule is that those who complain get their card last. Did it with my wedding thank yous (too pregnancy sick to write cards) and new baby ones.

  • More than Just a Mother

    >You are absolutely NOT rude, and are absolutely doing okay. In fact, you're doing more than okay, you're doing great. Don't let it get to you honey xx

  • Sarah

    >Oh love, it was as much as I could do to wash a single sodding teaspoon as my entire contribution to humanity over and above the demands of the small pink leech.

    You wrote a whole letter, despite it being angled for with much blinkered self centredness…

    I think you just qualified a for Mummy of the Year award. You may hit assorted relatives over the head with it in retribution when you get your strength back.

  • solveig

    >Gosh that's so mean! I don't know anyone who has got thank you cards out within a month of the birth – and I know plenty who never even got round to it!

    I think most people understand that you have other priorites after your baby has been born.

    S x

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >Absolutely ignore.
    Anyone who gives a present and needs a thank you, should question their motives for giving in the 1st place.
    This applies 10 fold when giving to someone who has recently given birth.

    I just would laugh xxx

  • platespinner

    >Blimey. I don't remember writing any thank you cards after monkey was born. I said thanks at the time and I had a new baby to look after. Some people are odd. I don't think you've been rude at all!

  • Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

    >I had to back track a bit to leave you a new comment!! And HOW VERY DARE THEY!! You ignore them my sweet… completely unreasonable and I'm with Mwa – thank you notes are optional. I say a verbal thanks or a quick text, I'm not going to spend precious time hand writing out dozens of cards!! I thought giving was supposed to be a selfless act – you don't give in order to get a pretty card back. Or, at least, you shouldn't do anyway! x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >I love you guys – thank you – I was starting to get really down about this and you've made me feel sane again

    I am getting through them slowly but making sure I get plenty of time cuddling my baby – nobody ever says they wish they spent more time writing cards and people do wish they'd spent longer cuddling their little ones !

  • Anonymous

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