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>Doesn’t time fly with a new baby

>Sorry that I haven’t been around much and sorry that I haven’t been reading and commenting. I have honestly been meaning to but have been unable to get to my laptop and I’m still searching for the right iPhone apps that will let me blog properly whilst feeding, winding and cuddling

I have been mentally composing the wittiest and best posts ever but I just haven’t been able to do whatever is the cyber equivalent of putting pen to paper (or actually to put pen to paper – the thank you cards haven’t even been started). Once I get sorted or I get longer than a few minutes before Babygirl or Toddlergirl need me I’ll be back

Meanwhile please forgive me if I don’t respond or I’m not around – I miss you all I just have a couple of small demanding people who need to take priority (ok insist they take priority…!)

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5 comments to >Doesn’t time fly with a new baby

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >ANd that is exactly the way it should be. Enjoy the girls and when you get the time and inclination turn on your computer. The girls will never be this age again.

    Glad to hear it is all going well. x x

  • Domestic Goddesque

    >I concur entirely. I had ONE baby and it took me a year to get back into blogging. I stil struggle. Two may finish me off so I think you are doing bloody well (FWIW everything you write is very witty!)…you even paint stuff for gawd's sake x

  • Rebel Mother

    >Ah, it just gets worse as they get older…. we're all fighting over who's turn it is on the computer!

    I hardly get a look in these days.

    Enjoy them when they are little.

    Love RMxx

  • Emily O

    >Your blog and fellow bloggers will still be here when you're able to get writing again. Looking forward to those witty posts! In the meantime I hope all is going well, you're focussing your energies on the most important things. Take care x

  • WADs

    >aaw you don't have to apologise, that little bundle comes first…exactly how it should be. And anyway it just keeps us readers on our toes waiting for your posts 🙂

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