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>Making progress through my to do list !

>Sorry I’ve not been on much – have been a bit busy with Babygirl having been on a feeding frenzy. But anyway I have actually managed to do something this last week. This was officially the last task on my to do list that I started on just before Babygirl joined us.

I’ve been very, very slowly painting the boxes to go in the playroom and today I have managed to finish the first one – a bee print one for Toddlergirl!
I’m also two coats of primer into getting the one done for Babygirl – her’s is going to be cow print.
And then I’m planning on a shared box – which will probably have gold, purple and silver stars on it if I can find a way to get a stencil done.
Am hoping that having their own toy boxes might help with keeping the number of toys to a manageable level and to stop them fighting over who has which toys …
So you start with one of these …

And eventually after lots of short bursts of activity between feeds, you get one of these … !

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3 comments to >Making progress through my to do list !

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >I LOVE them. You are so productive. I'm seriously impressed. I can't even make a cup of tea today. Glad to hear all going well. x

  • siobhan

    >Well done. They look great. It feels like such an achievement when you actually get something done with a newborn, like get out of your pyjamas by noon! My second was born very close to Christmas last year (3 weeks early). It was a great achievement the day me and my toddler actually got the tree decked up.

  • Mwa

    >That's beautiful and amazing. With a newborn? Wow. Wow.

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