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>Places I have found breastpads this week

>Oh the glamour of new Mummy-hood … We’re still regulating supply (or rather Babygirl has a habit of over ordering and my boobs have only had 6 months off feeding and seem to have gone straight back into providing enough for a hungry toddler …) anyway, it means we’re back to the delights of using breastpads again.

Its not the using the pads that is a problem per se but rather that I take them out for a feed and they then get caught up in my clothes and carried around or I forget them and then travel with me (yes those little sticky bits are sooooooooooooo useful).
So I give you the top 5 places I’ve discovered breastpads this week
1. In the footwell of the car – no idea how it travelled to there given I’ve not fed in the front seat (yet …) but am hoping it wasn’t attached to my shoe and walked around town first
2. under my pillow – obviously so I can dream about them … !
3. inside Babygirl’s babygro … oops – is it a nappy, is it a breastpad ? Still probably not what she wanted tucked inside her clothes
4. adhered to the back of my wallet – fortunately just before I got it out to pay at the supermarket. Cash, credit or breastpad ?
5. inside Toddlergirl’s welly – I’ve also found my keys in there so I’m guessing this is her latest hiding place for special things …
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3 comments to >Places I have found breastpads this week

  • Working Mum

    >Aaaargh! Just that picture at the start of the post gave me flashbacks! Get thee away from me breastpads!

  • Mwa

    >As long as they're dry… I once had to locate one BY SMELL because a full one had got lost, and boy do they smell after a couple of days. Ewww!

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >Ah, the dreaded escapee breastpad. I remember it well. A friend of mine actually lost one in the middle of a Salsa Slims class and we all danced merrily around it for 5 mins before she found an opportune moment to retrieve it. Yikes! Award for you over at mine!

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