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>Every new Mum should be given a stretchy wrap

>I never thought I would say this but I think I’m in love with my stretchy wrap sling. A few months ago I was intimidated by the thought of a very long piece of jersey and the concept of winding it around myself and putting the baby in it. Now that Babygirl has arrived I think its the best thing since sliced bread !

Let me explain, this sling isn’t actually intimidating, its super easy once you’ve been shown how. You wrap it around yourself and then pop the baby in. AND then the baby is nicely snugly wrapped up secure AND that means you have both hands free.
Yes, both hands free to play with Toddlergirl, to bath Toddlergirl, to cuddle her and read her bedtime story to her and to put her to bed, all whilst snuggling up to Babygirl. I have hands free to cook dinner (very very carefully when hot things are involved), to tidy up, and most importantly to sit and type on my laptop !
If you’re interested in trying one out, there’s a great website raising money for SANDS which lets you try before you buy – its called Petit Poppet. There’s also a great sling resource which you might want to have a look at called Get Your Hands Back.
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4 comments to >Every new Mum should be given a stretchy wrap

  • Hearth-mother

    >Yep, I totally agree. This kind of 'hands-free-kit' is absolutely essential!

  • manicmum

    >Just getting up of the sofa is an achievement with a small baby! Brings back memories of toilet-trips a deux, typing e-mails over a small downy head, oh – and surprising the postman!
    It's attending a wedding days after the birth that really impresses me! I think I was still walking like John Wayne at that point!


  • cartside

    >I definitely want one for no. two and have had to refrain myself from buying one already. Never had a stretchy sling for Cubling, but she loved the babycarrier (which was hard on my back to be fair)

  • Claire

    >Great to see a fab mummy loving babywearing – it just makes being mummy so much easier! Thanks for the mention of Get Your Hands Back 🙂

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