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>We survived the wedding !

>I might have mentioned a couple of times that it was my sister’s wedding on Saturday, a mere 6 days after Babygirl joined us.

There was no way that we weren’t going (afterall I hate to miss out on a party!) but have to admit to being a little bit worried about how it was going to work out.
In the end it was fine – Toddlergirl looked very cute (I really hope the photographer edits out some of the photos for her because its not good to have more snaps of the toddler than the bride …) and was mostly well behaved. I’m sure that everyone appreciated the impromptu chorus of ‘row, row, row the boat’ during the vows … and at least when she started practising her screaming I was able to grab her and carry her out pronto (and hopefully earnt lots of good parenting points for at least removing her !)
More importantly Babygirl was nice and snug in her sling (did I mention the heating in the church had broken down…) and behaved beautifully. She slept through the ceremony, we had a quick feed between church and reception and then she was in the sling for the photos and either slept or fed during dinner
It was great – I got to relax knowing that she was either happily asleep or happily feeding. Lots of people admired Babygirl so we got to bask in the glow of having an adorable newborn.
Ok it was exhausting and we went home after the first dance but we were there, we got to share the day with them and we got to introduce Babygirl to her wider family.
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2 comments to >We survived the wedding !

  • Mwa

    >That's just the way it should be. We took our son to a wedding when he was tiny as well. Weddings are just not the same without the next generation there.

  • siobhan

    >Well done! I'm so glad you made it. One of the beauties of newborns is that they are very portable. They sleep a lot too. Slings are great, aren't they?

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