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>Dear so and so – part 5

>Its been quite a week … but there are some things I think need writing down

Dear Babygirl,
I am so pleased you have arrived safely and well. I don’t even mind the hourly feeding as you try and make up for the lack of food whilst inside.
You are utterly adorable and we’re so lucky to have you with us.
Mummy x
p.s. great job turning up a week before your Aunt’s wedding – has made my life a LOT easier – thanks !
Dear Toddlergirl,
Yes I know the reprogramming isn’t much fun but trust us that it’ll be for the best in the long run.
You’re doing really well – I love that you are trying really hard with you ‘dister‘ and haven’t sat on her yet. I love you still even if you won’t give me a duddle.
And yes, baking this afternoon is a blatant attempt on my part to bribe you into remembering that we can have fun together.
Mummy x
Dear Mr Muddling,
You did a great job – it can’t be much fun juggling an irate toddler, a wife in the throes of labour and trying desperately to get the midwife on the phone whilst hoping that you aren’t actually going to end up delivering the baby!
You’ve also been really sweet these last few days looking after us but it doesn’t mean you can ignore nappy duty – we have two in nappies now so just hoping they’ll go away isn’t going to work really.
H x
Dear Mother in law,
I know you aren’t doing these things out of malice but please do try and help us maintain our parenting choices for Toddlergirl. Turning up for a visit and breaking her makes our lives really very difficult.
Am very glad you’re happy with both of your grand daughters though !
H x
p.s. yes I know you think labour is no worse than constipation but you had epidurals so can we agree to disagree on this one ?
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7 comments to >Dear so and so – part 5

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >labour like constipation! My word.

    You are doing weelllll to keep your cool, sense of humour and smiling. Hope Mr. Muddling remembers the nappy duties soon and you MIL mucks in.

    And make sure you eat lots of CAKE!


  • Rebel Mother

    >I did laugh at the Toddlergirl note!

    Olly sat on Amber and fractured her shoulder when they were tiny.

    Ooh, make pizza's – they're quick and delicious.


  • Domestic Goddesque

    >Impressed that you have so much to say so eloquently after such an emotional week. I don't think I managed a coherent sentence for months….

  • rosiescribble

    >I love the reminder about nappy changing, and the entire mother-in-law letter!

  • siobhan

    >Congratulations! I remember well the toddler and newborn days. The nappy conveyer belt, the constant feeding, the constant worry about how child no.1 is feeling, the ever supportive and understanding mother in law.

    I would like to say it gets easier but my 2 are now 3 and 10 months. The mobile baby constantly wrecks 3year old's games. So 3 year old, being a big boy, simply picks up baby and drags her away. All fun!

  • Mwa

    >That is one excellent mother-in-law letter. x

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Thank you all – we are eating lots of cake and its another couple of weeks before we need to see MIL !

    Toddlergirl is still broken but we've decided to divide and conquer so Mr Muddling is having to deal with her overnight ! Put it this way, sleeping with a new baby is a lot easier than sleeping with a wriggly toddler !

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