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>What a difference a few days makes !

>This time last week I was enjoying a visit to the antenatal clinic and session being assessed on the day ward. Not a fun way to spend time really, especially with the threat of induction hanging over us and not really wanting to go down that route.

Today I have spent a totally different morning – feeding Babygirl, mopping up the rivers of regurgitated milk (I don’t remember Toddlergirl being this sick and its quite impressive volumes), changing newborn nappies, washing piles of milk stained clothes and cuddling her.
She’s feeding a lot as she tries to pile the pounds onto her scrawny frame and to make up for the deprivation in utero but I don’t mind – I didn’t find the broken nights too bad with Toddlergirl (the legacy of over a decade of Investment Banking !) and its something I can do for her that nobody else can which I do rather like.
Toddlergirl can’t decide whether to cling to my ankles or to ignore me – she seems to quite like her little ‘dister‘ and keeps getting her various soft toys to duddle her.
So this far so good – I’m waiting for things to start going wrong but at the moment all seems rather splendid (and much better than last time when I was still bed bound after the birth). Even my milk coming in was much less unpleasant this time around which was a GREAT result !
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7 comments to >What a difference a few days makes !

  • Mwa

    >I always loved those quiet breastfeeds at night, too. It's just so chrystal clear what your purpose in the world is at times like those.

  • Insomniac Mummy

    >So glad everything is going so well. Long may it continue!


  • SnafflesMummy

    >really pleased everything is going well. Night time feeds and cuddles are the best.

  • Vix

    >I have to say that save a few blips my two were an utter delight for the first 6 months and I loved Clara's newbornhood. They absolutely adore each other now (they fight like cat and dog too of course) and it is so lovely to see.

    So pleased everything is going well for you and long may it continue.

    (oh and my drinking too much milk always made Clara yack more)

  • Hearth-mother

    >Congratulations you. I found everything so much better second time too, particularly the feeding – and recovering from the birth.

  • Mrs OMG Pregnant

    >Aww glad to read it's all going well. Congratulations xx

  • Notes to self plus two and the need for red shoes

    >thanks so much for your comments on my blog.

    CONGRATULATIONS to you and Mr Muddling on the arrival of Baby Muddling! Sounds like all is going well and you enjoying.

    Can't believe you were reading my blog just days after giving birth.

    Thoughts and wishes mrs x

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