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And then there were four !

After all that had gone on with the pregnancy, its probably fitting that it ended rather dramatically! Yes, despite having planned for hospital, we ended up with another fast birth and Babygirl arriving at home.
In the interests of seeing if we could persuade Baby2 to make an appearance I had some acupuncture on Saturday morning – got some tightenings but nothing much and was told to have a go at the pressure points overnight. Interestingly I had officially got to the bottom of my job list, helping Mr Muddling paint the new garage doors and starting to paint the toy boxes for the playroom!
I woke up about 4am feeling a bit funny – headed downstairs for what had become a regular pattern of cup of chamomile tea, watch some TV, read some blogs and then realise that nothing was really happening and head back to bed. Except this time I had indigestion. And the cramps hurt. And I had a bit of a problem breathing through a couple. So I went to the loo and found blood. So I dithered for 10 minutes. Went to the loo and found more blood.
I’d been told that bleeding could mean an abruption so I called my midwife. Couldn’t get through on the home phone and hopefully did put it down immediately we got to the message so her family didn’t hear me ‘oooooooooooohing‘ through another cramp and got her on the mobile and she agreed to come and have a check.
I poddled upstairs to wake Mr Muddling to tell him but had to oooooooooooooh through another thing and then promptly burst into tears. Mr Muddling decided to break it to me that it probably was labour because he remembered it being like this last time. This was 6am.
At which point it was like someone flicked a switch and turned on labour and I lost all track of time. The contractions were coming thick and fast and were really incredibly painful and I was finding it hard to cope. Mr Muddling called Lynn, our midwife, to say we were now 2 minutes apart lasting at least an minute and please could she get here! About this point Toddlergirl woke up so Mr Muddling was having to deal with her, listen to me yelling through contractions and turning on lights and finding towels!
Sometime later (felt like a lifetime) I felt pressure in my bottom and yelled to Mr Muddling that I felt like pushing and then felt a pop and a small gush. At this point I still had my PJs on so Mr Muddling and I started arguing about whether to take them off – I got them half off and then had a feel and realised I could feel a head. Mr Muddling told me I couldn’t (hahahaha) and got on the phone to Lynn.
Fortunately she was just pulling into the drive. She arrived at a run calling at Mr Muddling to grab her bag from the car. I’m told the next bit was 7 minutes from her arriving but it felt like hours – she calmed me down, told me that yes labour does hurt, that yes it meant the baby was arriving soon, that no there wasn’t time for any pain relief and that yes it was the baby’s head.
A couple of contractions later she arrived! At 6.45am!
The rest was nice and undramatic – we had the paramedics but they weren’t needed and apart from being in shock I was fine. It was so nice being at home – I had a nice bath, curled up in our bed and enjoyed a day cuddling my little girl with the family around (and my wonderful parents turned up, provided tea to all comers and then took all the mess away to dispose of / wash!)
We’re enjoying getting used to being a family of 4 – Toddlergirl seems quite pleased with her ‘dister‘ and Mr Muddling is showing yet again what a natural father he is.
I’m hoping to get a slightly better picture of us all but the one at the top shows us a couple of hours afterwards – this is a high tech baby, she was on Skype calling her Granny within two and a half hours of arriving!
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post – I really appreciate them all!
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