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>Of all the crazy things

>I can’t believe I’m actually having to write this… after Baby2 threatening to arrive for the past 4 and a bit months she appears to have suddenly decided to stay put.

Yup we’re now having to discuss induction and stare the possibility of me having the baby incredibly close to my sister’s wedding which would NOT be a good thing.
This has to be the most contrary child ever – I’ve spent months resting and doing my utmost to calm down episodes of contractions and now here I am eating curry with the best of them, going for brisk walks and bouncing frantically on my ball. How can she have put us through all of the stress and strain only to turn around in the final few weeks and decide that actually, after all of it, she rather likes living in my uterus and would prefer to stay in there a bit longer!
So after a rather unpleasant session with the consultant (yes I can push back on induction date to the Monday after the wedding but only if I understand the risks of her dying … because obviously as a mother I want to risk my baby’s life … blah!) and a bit of time being monitored I’m now reading around what the actual risks are and what we can do to try and minimise them.
There’s a part of me that wants to beg my lovely midwife to have another rummage and see if we can nudge her along but another part (that would be the one that usually fully subscribes to the baby knows best bit) that wants to leave her to make her own decisions.
At least, being shallow for a minute, I have an outfit for said wedding that works pregnant or not…
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  • Mama B

    >Congratulations on getting so far. I am utterly in awe of how well you've coped with such a challenging pregnancy. I'll cross fingers that baby two arrives safely and gently within the next week and you manage to resist induction xx

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