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>A week in the life of Ginger the chicken*


Get up and leave hut to go and stand by back door and peck at the glass until Mr Muddling gives in a comes out to feed us. Try and jump into the feed bin when he opens it – he seems unimpressed by this.
Don’t understand all the fuss they make about the small person. Decide to show her who’s boss by running at her and flapping a lot. The other big human gets quite cross so I peck at her feet which makes her flap around.

Decide I can’t be bothered laying the nice comfy nesting box in our hut. Have a wander around the garden and find a nice corner under the hedge – perfect! Should also mean that Mr & Mrs Muddling need to work a bit harder to find my eggs.
Decide not to bother following the other girls into the hut each night – I mean why do I have to march in there each evening at dusk? Have decided to stay and sit in my tree which means I can petition Mr Muddling for extra food when he comes home at night as well as when he leaves in the morning. Mrs Muddling tries to catch me to put me into the hut – manage to run away quite fast and avoid her.
Have discovered how to jump up and sit in the branches of the tree like the other birds. Funky Chicken and Digger don’t seem to want to join me up here and keep muttering about how chickens don’t sit in trees…
They seem to be teaching the small person to run at me shouting shoo. Not sure why. Respond by running at the small person clucking. Get distracted by nice trousers the other big human is wearing and try to eat them. Not that tasty really.
Interesting afternoon. Got taken on a trip in a cardboard box and when I got let out I was at a new place with some new chickens. Not entirely sure that they like me but have discovered if I sit on the roof of their house that they can’t jump high enough to join me and they just stand around looking at me and muttering about ‘that strange newcomer’.
* As told to Muddling Along Mummy, no chickens were upset during the writing of this blog post
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