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>Blooming unmarvellous

>Peggy at A Mother’s Secrets is compiling stories about pregnancy lows as part of her mission to let mothers tell the honest truth about their experiences.

As I hit the final few days of this pregnancy I have been thinking about how it has been so far removed from my first pregnancy and what
My first trimester was filled by HG which I blogged about before on here so won’t bore you with but which was fairly horrid.
The last 4 months however have taken the lows of the first trimester and built on them – this baby has been threatening to arrive since 20 weeks. And in a rather Victorian manner I’ve had to put my feet up and rest and try and persuade her not to arrive.
Put simply, bed rest sucks. Yes, for the first two days you enjoy lying down, watching DVDs, reading books and sleeping. But then what do you do for the next 4 months? How do you deal with a life when you can’t commit to anything that might take you more than 20 minutes away from hospital? When a short walk around town results in a bout of contractions and having to lie on your left side for the next 24 hours? When you can’t plan for anything because every time you do you have to cancel because of the need to dash to the labour ward?
I have discovered new levels of isolation from friends who haven’t understood what is going on, had to effectively walk away from my job without a backwards glance (something I didn’t even do during my last maternity leave) and had to live for each day at a time.
And yet here we are, at full term. My rest has paid off and despite lurching from crisis to crisis Baby2 continues to thrive. And strangely at no point during all of this have I ever considered not being pregnant, considered that I might not want her, considered asking for it all to be done.
The thing with pregnancy lows is that they stretch you, show you new parts of yourself that you didn’t know about and, in my case, have given me the opportunity to step back from my life. I never wanted to leave it all behind to lie down and rest of 4 months but its been a great opportunity to step back.
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  • Perfectly Happy Mum

    >very nicely said, thank you very much for this inpiring post!
    It will be up on A Mother'Secrets along with your other on HG sometimes today x

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