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>Bounce bounce bounce! Look what I’ve just got!

>I’m really rather proud of myself today – I’ve made it into the UK’s top 100 parenting blogs list and I have a brand shiny new badge over there -> adorning my side bar!

I love this list and have discovered so many great blogs through it – I can’t believe that I’ve joined them. I’m also incredibly proud that despite being fairly new to this whole blogging thing (its not been much more than 6 months since I first gave it a whirl) I’ve graduated to such fine company.
And even nicer, I’d like to welcome my 50th follower! Thank you so much – its great to know that there are people out there who want to read my wibblings and that actually I’m not some strange internet wierdo writing navel gazing rubbish that nobody wants to read! (if this is the case in reality please let me down gently!)
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