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>On / off – end result is no change

>I’m sure Brits in Bosnia didn’t jinx me with her comment hoping I didn’t get Toddlergirl’s bug … because I did …

Spent last night feeling very poorly which was made worse by it starting off contractions.
So early yesterday morning I called in my midwife, only for things to build up, settle down, get more exciting, fizzle out and despite a bit of a worry about Baby2 in the end to die down completely.
So in total contrast to my last labour of three and a half hours, it appears I’m going to have a nice long build up to this one. Might get into established labour at some point this week, might not. And Mr Muddling is still heading off on his trip tomorrow which will hopefully either focus things this evening or put them off until next week.
Oh and one small tip – if your wife wakes you to tell you that the sick bug has triggered off labour, do not expect any sympathy if your first comment is ‘I have the bug too’. Yes but you’re not having contractions as well…
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