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>The glamour of parenting …

>We have been knee deep in snot and sick this weekend. Toddlergirl has the lurgy and we have had a right old one of it.

You know, the sort of weekend which, when you heard about them pre-children, you thought were an exaggeration but actually they weren’t.
We have used up every sheet for the single beds, every towel in the cupboard and all the blankets – the house smells decidedly icky too. We’ve had very little sleep and Mr Muddling has done heroic work as a human mattress. I’m not even sure that she’s on the mend because it looks like she’s throwing in some teething this evening to add to the mix.
Strangely with all this focus on Toddlergirl, Baby2 has decided to stay put – I can’t say I blame her. I’m not sure I’d want to be born into this house at the moment…
As they say, tomorrow is another day – hopefully one where this is a memory rather than a continuation of the sick saga.
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5 comments to >The glamour of parenting …

  • Fiona

    >Hello there. Great blog, I can relate to it so much! I hope your little one is better really soon. Its hard when they are sick! x

  • Insomniac Mummy

    >I certainly hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

    Baby is defunitely onto a winner staying warm for a little longer.

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    >Nothing worse than those sick lurgies. Especially when you are pregnant. Do hope she hasn't passed it onto you? (I remember a particularly unattractive morning, 8 months pregnant with no.2, with me and No. 1 throwing up together, husband away on business and dog looking on, hopefully holding her lead. It was not a good day)

  • Rebel Mother

    >Your opening line made me laugh – although its not fun when they're all ill.

    Hope little one feels better soon.


  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >Think we may be getting through – am now knee deep in washing to try and remove all the vomit covered things…

    Still she seems a lot happier which has to be a good thing! Perhaps Baby2 might decide that its worth appearing now

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