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>Modern proverbs – a man cooking needs twice as long as twice as much equipment as a woman

>Don’t get me wrong, I love it when Mr Muddling cooks for me.

However, what I don’t understand is how when he cooks an identical meal (let’s take a bog standard pasta bake as our example) it takes him twice as long to execute than when I do it (yup, nearly an hour to cook something I can have on the table in 30 minutes).

But what is also confusing is why he needs to use twice as much kitchen equipment as me – does he really need to use every single pan, spoon and gadget to pull together even the simplest of things?

And then there’s the fact that nothing gets put into the dishwasher afterwards but that’s probably another proverb…

A proverb (from the Latin proverbium), also called a byword or nayword, is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity.

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6 comments to >Modern proverbs – a man cooking needs twice as long as twice as much equipment as a woman

  • Working Mum

    >Hi, popped in to say thanks for being a follower. I totally identify with this post. Also, the myriad of utensils and pans are spread all over any available work surface instead of piled up neatly by the sink. And then they want Brownie points for making the meal!

  • The wife of bold

    >Yup that sounds exactly like my hubby, every bloody appliance used in the kitchen for the simplest of tasks and NO washing up – i think they do it on purpose so we won't want them to cook again, they're cunning like that!

  • Yvone McCalla Sobers

    >Thanks so much for sharing your modern proverb on what can happen when the men we love treat us to a meal from their own hands.

    This Burundi proverb came to mind: "There is no god like one's stomach; we must sacrifice to it every day." If our men are in the kitchen only occasionally, they probably need to use more pots and time to meet the demands of the stomach god.

  • Very Bored Housewife

    >And of course, theirs will always taste twice as good!

  • Millys Mummy

    >Yep, my kitchen is currently a disaster area after H doing the dinner. Shouldnt moan though, I havent cooked dinner for months!

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