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>37 weeks !!! Who’d have thought it

>We’ve done it – Baby2 and I have made it to 37 weeks!

She’s fully cooked and despite 4 months of lurching from crisis to crisis we’re into the final phase and both looking to be in good shape!

Plan is now to keep fingers and toes crossed that she decides to come naturally in the next 2 weeks. We’ll give her a natural nudge if it looks favourable then otherwise I’m superglue-ing my thighs together until after my sister’s wedding (yes, Mr Consultant there is no way I’m being induced bang on 40 weeks … inconvenient doesn’t begin to describe it).
Looking back 4 months who would have ever thought we’d have got here. My enforced rest and inactivity has paid off because she keeps confounding medical logic and hanging on in there. Think we may be hatching another strong willed, determined female!
Soooooooooooooooooooo I’m planning on enjoying myself, acting as if I’ve just stopped work and have started my maternity leave – my big work here is done! Think I might have to treat myself to a nice cake to celebrate!
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