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>Friends – a gift

>Last night I had dinner to say goodbye to one of my Mummy friends who is moving up North. It got me thinking about how the friendship I have with this small group of women has underpinned the last 20 months – they have added immeasurably to my life and yet I’ve known them for such a short time.

Compared to people I have known far longer, who I would have counted as ‘proper’ friends, these are the people I feel I can share so much more of what is actually happening in my life. These are the people I feel understand the path I’m walking and these women know me as I am here and now, not something or the someone I was 15 years ago.
I had a wonderful dinner, we laughed, we empathised, we learnt from each other. We also enjoyed our differences and they didn’t matter – not one of us is purusing the same path but we are all happy in our choices and supported by the others in them. I don’t think that there are another group of people that I know where I can say that. Where our differences are things that make us better as a group and do not threaten the group.
I am very lucky – this enforced break from work has given me the chance to spend more time with these lovely ladies (who won’t even know that I’ve written this because I’ve not yet been brave enough to mention this blogging to them… that’s a challenge for another day) and also to discover other Mummies who I hope will become friends.
Perhaps my mistake has been in holding onto friendships that have gone past their sell-by date – where life and experiences have moved us apart, rather than focusing on and nurturing new friendships and accepting that my life is changing and evolving and that friendships have to do that too.
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6 comments to >Friends – a gift

  • whistlejacket

    >I agree with this, it's easy to fall into the trap of staying friends with people just out of habit. There are some people I've known for a very long time who I'll always be close friends and others who I accept will be friends for a while and then we move on. Then there are also the new special friends which you talk about. It's definitely important to evaluate the friendships you have from time to time , especially when we're kept so busy with young families. When we do get that time to socialise it's good to do it with people who mean a lot to us, old friends or new.

  • More than Just a Mother

    >It's funny how we (generally) accept that boyfriends will come and go, but we feel we should fiercely hold onto friendships – sometimes long after they've become damaging to us. My Mummy friends are very dear to me, despite being relatively new, so I do feel for you.

  • solveig

    >This is very much how I feel about my mum friends. I always refer to them as 'my mums' when actually they are now really 'my friends'.

    Oh, and one of 'my mums' discovered my blog the other day when looking up something on Google about a local park! It was quite funny – but totally fine.

  • Time Management Mum

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about Christmas present inspiration! I'd glad it was helpful!
    Just thought I'd stop by your blog too! Looks good, I'll have to keep reading:-)

    PS) I was going to put "Hi MAM" for 'Muddling Along Mummy' at the top of my post then I thought it looked too much like "Ma'am"! Maybe I should've put that – made you feel like the queen!! hehe

  • Hot Cross Mum

    >Lovely post and I have had similar experiences since staying at home with the boys. I have met some lovely 'new' friends who 'get' me and my life and my frustrations. They are the ones who come to my rescue when someone has chicken pox and I'm going crazed with cabin fever. Long may these new friendships last.

  • Muddling Along Mummy

    >TMM – feel free to address me like royalty – LOL

    I've begun thinking of this like a spring clean but an emotional one – why am I wasting time with people who don't really care and not nurturing the friendships with those who do care? Ridiculous

    So my Christmas card list will be culled and hopefully some toxic not really friendships removed so I can concentrate on the people who are important in the here and now!

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