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>A lovely lunch !

>I was rather brave on Friday and actually went out into the real world to meet some bloggers! I was a little apprehensive about real world and my virtual world colliding but we had a great time and I now have some faces to put to blogs.

It was all thanks to the lovely Claire at Being a Mummy who had been offered a free lunch for us all at Pizza Express – and I’m not someone to turn down a free lunch !
So despite getting a bit lost on the way there (yes, it appears even foolproof instructions can fool me…) I got to meet Claire and her lovely two, Anjie and Ashley from Pom Pom Emporium, Kirsty from The Life and Times of Mrs B, and Lisa who is also the Mummy Whisperer and her lovely big boy.
I also got to get Pizza Express envy – unlike our local one we had colouring pencils, plastic cups and general child friendliness and more importantly some decent service. Think we may be changing our ‘local’ !
And lastly best of best of luck to Kirsty who starts her midwifery course tomorrow
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