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>Save one Mammy Campaign

>A while back I discovered a fellow Mummy Blogger, Yummy Mammy. I started following her for two reasons; the shallow one that she has great totty on her site, the other being that she was showing such grace under fire.

Mammy married an Irishman and moved to Ireland with him. They then divorced and she wants to move back to England to be back in her home and near her family, friends and her support network. In itself that is simple.

However, the situation is complicated by the fact that they have a daughter together and so despite the move being only 135 miles or so door to door, she needs agreement from her ex-husband to make the move and that is not simple.

Her ex-husband is taking every possible action, legal and otherwise, to prevent her from making this move. Ireland is part of the EU, as is the UK, and as such Mammy and her ex need to agree on where their daughter will live.

Her ex says Ireland where he has now has a new relationship and his family around him. Mammy says England where she has a life and her support network. Its an impossible situation which is taking its toll on her.

What I hadn’t realised before this campaign started was that this is not an abnormal case – that there are many other situations where the parents are locked in stalemate and one parent is effectively held hostage.

I am just incredibly thankful that I’ve never had to face this and sincerely hope I never have to. How can a mother make the choice between living with her child or living her life?

Yummy Mammy is running a campaign to raise awareness of her situation and that of other parents facing the same problems and difficult issues surrounding a two country divorce.

Please visit her campaign site Save One Mammy and to read more about the background to her predicament then read her post HeartBroke – Part 2. The campaign started earlier this month and is travelling around the blogsphere – there are great posts to read touching on all aspects of the subject. Please read them and raise awareness of this horrible situation.
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