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>And the run of bad luck continues …

>So for 90% of our weekend we had a great time – enjoyed playing with Toddlergirl, had fun as a family and survived the visit from the cousins (three rowdy boys … Toddlergirl started showing off … need I say more but it involved climbing into the chicken hut ?)

So far so good but then I got stung by a wasp – nothing big in the usual scheme of things but suddenly I felt very unwell – my heart started racing and when I went to tell Mr Muddling I passed out on the landing… without my trousers on.
Mr Muddling came upstairs to investigate the large thump and found me on the floor, unable to breathe, unable to talk and had to call 999 – scary for him (quite scary for me too if I’m honest). Lovely paramedics turned up and hooked me up to various things, gave me some anti-histamines and checked us both out – fortunately managed to talk them out of taking me into the labour ward on the basis that nothing on our panic list was happening so we’d just get my midwife to check me out.
Interestingly Toddlergirl slept through most of it!
So on another 24 hours and finally after lots of antibiotics, piles of anti-histamines and lots of sleep my arm is approaching normal size again instead of looking like some prop out of a horror film and I feel a bit more like a human.
So it looks as if my run of bad luck continues – if things travel in threes then goodness only knows what the next two will be …
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