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>Dear so and so – part 2


Its Friday and this seems like a good way to sum up the week…
Dear placenta –
Not sure how you’re doing it given you look terrible but please keep up the good work and keep letting stuff get through to Baby2. Really appreciate all your hard work so far.
H & Baby2
Dear Baby2,
Hang on in there and keep growing – another fortnight would be super. Oh and if you could keep on kicking regularly to let me know you’re ok that would be great !
Mummy x
Dear Mr Muddling,
Thanks – nice to know you don’t think I’ve coped very well with all this. I thought I was doing ok (in fact more than ok). Also not sure how you think I’ve made this harder for myself. Would like to see how you cope with THREE MONTHS of forced inactivity – its not as easy as you think.
Dear Toddler Group,
I realise we don’t have dibs on the space at the cafe but since you know we have our breastfeeding support group at that cafe at that time is it really a good idea to suggest 12 toddlers and mums turn up too? Nothing against toddlers, we have them coming to our group but was there really no other venue available in the whole area?
Frustrated organiser
Dear bathroom people,
All you needed to do to finish it was fit a tap. And it now turns out you did that wrong. And that you may need to take up the floor / remove tiling to fix it.
I am about to have a baby. I do not need this.
And given you told us the sink couldn’t move back because it was fitted per the manufacturer’s instructions, how did you install a tap in a way that isn’t in accordance with the blooming manufacturer’s instructions?
Cross cross cross
Dear Ginger,
I think there has been some confusion. You are a CHICKEN. Not a HUMAN. You live outdoors and do not drive cars.
Also please stop terrorising visitors – I’m the only person who is going to feed you and no amount of pleading will make that happen more than once a day.
Dear Aga,
Sounds like that chat you had with the dishwasher and washing machine went well. Please try and continue to emulate their Teutonic efficiency and stay working – we have people coming over for Sunday lunch so failure to work is going to mean I find the blowtorch…
H x
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